to create youtube account with or without Gmail account

What is YouTube ?

What is YouTube ?

YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming site. It provides the option for the registered user to upload, edit and view videos online. Even though it does not provide the option to download videos as per its terms of service, the user can download their own videos under the Video manager section. However, there are third party Software and mobile App that can help us to Download YouTube Videos

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What is the History of Youtube ?

YouTube was created by former employees of  Paypal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in the year 2005. Later it was bought by Google. Youtube is the second most popular website as reported by Alexa Internet. Even though the YouTube service is available globally, the service is blocked in few countries due to the government regulation.

What is Youtube Logo
What is Youtube Logo
YouTube Logo

The registered users can upload and edit videos online. The non-registered users can only view and share videos. YouTube offers the opportunity for the registered users to make money by monetizing their video content using their YouTube partner program. YouTube partner program is not available to very few selective countries.

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