What is Vonage Mobile?

Recently heard about Vonage and wondering what is Vonage mobile? Let us discuss in detail in the below section. Vonage Mobile is a free downloadable VoIP based mobile application software for android and iOS devices. It can be installed on android phones, android tablets, iPhone and iPad to make free phone calls, send text messages, share videos and pictures.

The primary function of the Vonage mobile app is to enable the smartphone users to place international calls on the go using mobile internet and Vonage service network. Having ben said that yu should not get confused with using Vonage on mobile. The option of using Vonage on mobile is called Vonage extensions.

What Are the Platforms Supported By Vonage Mobile App?

Vonage supports android and iOS mobile operating systems. You can also install Vonage mobile app on your android tablet and iPad. The app for windows phones, blackberry phones and other operating systems except android and iOS are not available.

From Where, I Can Download the Application?

You can download the apps from the respective store. For android users, you can open Google play store and search for Vonage mobile. For Ipad or iPhone users, please open your iTunes account or Apple store to search and download the application.

Is it Required to Verify Vonage Mobile App During Installation?

Yes, it is mandatory to verify your Vonage phone number while installing the application. An SMS will be sent to the mobile device in which you are installing the app. The verification is just a one-time setup. Once completed, you can use the service till the app is uninstalled. If you reinstall the app in future, you need to verify the number again.

Can I Receive Vonage Verfication Code Via Email?

No, you can not receive the vonage verification code via email. It is because vonage uses your mobile number as a platform for verification. Even though the calls are placed using Wifi connection, it is mandatory to have a phone number. Hence, verifying the mobile account via email address is not the preferred option.

Can I send Regular Text Messages to Others?

You can send text messages for free only to another Vonage mobile user. You can not send a regular text message for the numbers where the application is not installed. If your internet connection is not free or limited, it is possible that you may incur charges.

Is Vonage Mobile Free to Use and Will I Be Charged for Placing International Calls?

Vonage Mobile App is free to install an application. Call to your friends with Vonage app installed is free. For non-Vonage mobile users, the international charge as per vonage billing may apply.

How to Check the Charges for a Particular International Calls?

The charges for each call will be displayed every time when you tap a phone number to call. The charge for each call will be displayed. After looking at the charges, you can place the call.

Are there Calling Plans for Vonage Mobile?

No, there are no calling plans for the vonage mobile app. The charges will be free or applied based on the call. The charges will be displayed every time before placing the call. If you prefer to make calls from your Vonage calling plan, you can use Vonage Extensions App.

What are the Different Ways I Can Make Calls Using Vonage Mobile?

You can place calls using your mobile 2G, 3G, 4G connection. You can also place free wifi calling from your wireless router or by enabling tethering and hotspot from your mobile device. At any cause, the phone must be connected to the internet.


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