What is Google Settings App

What is Google Settings App?

What is Google Settings Green App icon on Android Device?

It is a supporting app for play store. If you find the green color gear icon on your phone, It is a symbol for allowing google to regularly check device activity for security. This helps you to manage google services. The settings for the apps that are installed using google account can be managed. It was introduced by google in 2013. The update automatically happened without any notification. With this app, you can do several activities like tracking your lost android phone, display or remove ads on your google device and much more.

What Does Google Settings Do?

What is Google Settings App?

You can understand the google play services in detail with the help of the below video:

Google settings app contains the options to configure the apps on an android device that has Google Play Store app installed. You can manage the settings for the following service:

Name of App Description of the Function
Connected apps To manage the accounts connected using google account or google+ account or Google Fit account.
Play Games To manage profile visibility of your game such as notifications and other settings that are downloaded from the Play Store.
Location To manage location history, Reporting, and Settings.
Google Fit To manage information tied to your Google Account. Helps to share it with other apps and devices used to stay healthy.
Search & Now To manage preferences, settings for Google Now and Google Search app
Ads To opt out of interest-based ads, reset your advertising ID and manage Google ad preferences
Android Device Manager To manage settings for remotely locating and erasing a lost device using Android Device Manager.
Verify apps Helps to verify whether the app is potentially harmful to your device.

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Can we uninstall Google Settings App?

Yes, you can uninstall google settings app. But, it is highly recommended not to delete the application. Even if you do so, google settings app automatically downloaded after some time and installed on your phone. This is because it comes as a supporting app for Google Play Store. The only option to delete it is to remove Google Play Store app from android phone. However, having an android phone without play store is of no use. However, if you are having a basic android mobile with low internal memory, it can help you.

Steps To Turn Verify Apps off or Back on in Android Marshmallow:

The separate Google settings app for android marshmallow operating system is not available. It is merged or integrated into the mobile settings page. The marshmallow update is available for the following selected phones from the below manufacturer:

Asus, Google/Nexus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nvidia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi

The steps given below will help you.

  1. Open your device’s Settings app on your android phone.
  2. Look for “Personal,” and tap on Google Security.
  3. In “Verify apps,” section, tap Scan device for security threats.

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