What is Google loon? Balloon Powered Internet for everyone.

Recently, I wrote  a post on Top Google products and services that we don’t know or not familiar to us. While I was writing the post, I was amazed to know more about the project Google Loon. Its Balloon Powered Internet for everyone. Since, then I was excited to share more information on Google Loon.

Overview of Google Loon

Google Loon is a project by Google to provide internet service to the remote areas globally where they do not have access to internet connection. Google claims, this technology can help in great way during a big natural disaster, where the communication is cut off from other sources. The idea is very simple, Google will fly network of balloons in the atmosphere. These balloons have the capacity to transmit data that can be captured using an antenna.

How Google Loon works?

Google loon is a network of balloons that fly in the edge of space where it can provide internet connection to rural areas. These balloons will fly in the Stratosphere. Stratosphere is twice as high as the range of aero planes and weather condition.

How Google Loon works?
How Google Loon works?

Project Loon Pilot Test

The pilot test for project Google Loon was done on June 2013 in New Zealand. In 2014, Google is planning to do its pilot around the world. If you prefer to take part in Google Loon pilot test batch in your country, you can register. Click and take part in Goolge Loon Pilot batch

Click Here for steps to sign up for Google Loon Piolot Test in your country

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