What is Google Drive? What are the uses of Google Drive features?

Google Drive is a Google online storage service offered for free. Before Google Drive was launched, the service was offered as Google Docs. After the launch of Google Drive, all the documents modified in Google Docs were saved in Google Drive automatically.

It allows the registered users to upload videos photos and share them to the public. All the data are stores in a common server and we can access it from anywhere using any portable devices that has access to internet. You get up to 15 GB of storage space for free. After 15 GB, you can pay and get more space.

Google Drive
Google Drive

How to sign up for Google Drive? 

Signing up for Google Drive is very simple. All you need is a Google Account. Visit http://www.drive.google.com and sign in with your Google Account.
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Uses of Google Drive feature:

  1. You can keep the copy of very important documents like your Resume, school and college mark statements and certificates. Whenever, you need this copy, you can login from any place where you have access to internet and download and print it or share it or forward to the email address of any person.
  2. You can upload any photo, video or media and share it with your friends. Just change the privacy settings of the file so that only Google users can view it. Share the URL of the file to any person. They will be able to access the file only after logging in with Google Account.
  3. You host any website and use the free 15 GB space.
  4. It is almost like a 15 GB pen drive and no need to carry it with you.

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