3 Steps to Use Wikipedia as Keyword Research SEO Tool

Keyword Research SEO Tool is available in plenty on the Internet. Many of them are free and few of them are paid tools. Even though, paid keyword research seo tools (word tracker, spy and Semrush) are very effective and worth spending money, not every webmaster can offer to use the paid keyword research and analysis tools.

This article will help you to use Wikipedia as SEO Keyword Research Tool for writing search engine friendly articles. It will harness the power of organic search results from search engines like Google. Bing,Yahoo and ask etc.

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Why to use Wikipedia as Keyword Research SEO Tool?

How to use wikipedia as keyword research SEO tool
How to use wikipedia as keyword research SEO tool

Wikipedia is an ocean of articles and it is trusted resource of information. Hence, the Penguin search algorithm of Google includes Wikipedia articles in search results. Few facts about Wikipedia are:

  1. It has 30 million articles in 287 languages.
  2. Ranked fifth globally among all websites as per The New York Times report.
  3. Gets 1.2 billion unique visitors per month from search engines and social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft alone.

Hence, it is good to use Wikipedia as keyword research Tool. It does not mean that you can use only Wikipedia. You can use your preferred tool to perform keyword research.

Other Similar Free Keyword Search Tools:

As already mentioned, there are several online free keyword search tools available. Few similar keyword Research SEO Tools are:

Keycompete and

Steps to Use Wikipedia for SEO

Step 1: Select the Primary Keyword for your post. Let me take youtube as the primary Keyword.
Search your keyword in Google with the word Wikipedia in it.

For Example: “Youtube Wikipedia” (Clcik on the Link to check how it works)

Image for using wikipedia for SEO
Image for using wikipedia for SEO

Step 2: Click open the first link which is a article in Wikipedia about Youtube.

Step 3: In the article section, you can use “Ctrl+F” function and the keywords.

I have searched “YouTube Videos and the keywords are highlighted. You can find the screenshot of the Wikipedia Article Page below:

Youtube Wikipedia keyword research page
Youtube Wikipedia keyword research page
Youtube Wikipedia keyword research.

Few Keywords obtained from the Wikipedia article are:

YouTube videos, Viewing YouTube videos, embed YouTube videos, download YouTube videos, conversion of YouTube videos, accessing YouTube videos, play YouTube videos, watch YouTube videos

Now with the help of Google Keyword Planner Tool or Google Trend Tool, you can check the competition and the search results for the above keywords. Now, you can narrow down the keyword list based on the topic you are going to write.


Wikipedia acts as a great source of information which has rich keywords in it. The result of using ng Wikipedia as Keyword Research SEO Tool will give rich keywords and quality traffic to your article.
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