How Can I Turn Off WhatsApp End to End Encryption

As per one of the blog post from Forbes has mentioned that Telegram was the only instant messaging app offered end to end encryption. Later WhatsApp joined the queue. A research study and report submitted by The Guardian highlighted that WhatsApp still allows snooping on encrypted messages.

What is End to End Encryption (E2EE)?

First, let us try to understand what is E2EE technology. It is a security measure where no one else can read the messages exchanged between two users. The messages sent from one person will be encrypted and decrypted on the other end.

A validation check is done while decrypting on the other end. When someone tries to spy or loot the secret conversation, they will not be able to read the exact text sent or received.

This Wikipedia link will give you a detailed insight

Is Whatsapp End to End Encrypted?

Yes. WhatsApp is secured with E2EE technology. I have shared the official security link from WhatsApp. The security measure was developed by the collaboration between WhatsApp and Open Whisper Systems.

Watch the video below to understand the technology launched by WhatsApp:

If you have found a way, work around or ideas on how to remove end to end encryption in WhatsApp, you can enter them as your comments below.

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