Turn Off Ringer on Your Android Phone Automatically During Office Hours

Turn Off Ringer on Your Android Phone? You may wonder why one should Turn Off phone ringer when the ringer is designed to notify us when we receive a call or message. Will turning off the ringer on your device will lead to missing important phone calls and other messages during work?

It is not so, you know very well that in many workplaces we are not authorized to use the phone ringer in loud profile.  We are forced to put the mobile phone in silent mode. But, it can not be turned off automatically. We need to turn off manually when you enter your office and turn it on when we leave the workstation.

But it is practically impossible to adhere to it manually. It so happens that we forget to turn the phone’s ringer on while leaving the office in the evening. This will lead to  missing the lovely call from your spouse or girlfriend or the call from your kid. How good it is if the option is automated?

Turn Off Ringer or How to Put Phone on silent Automatically ?

So, how to handle this situation? The Phone Schedule Android phone App does it for you. This mobile application, when installed on your android phones, will help you to schedule your ringer on and off time. Once scheduled, this app will work like a charm. It auto turns off your ringer and auto turns on or goes to mute automatically as per your schedule. You never have to worry about your phone ringing in your office.

Turn Off Ringer on Your Android Phone Automatically During Office Hours

We can download the Phone Schedule Android App from Google play store for free. This app works perfectly in an android, windows and apple products. However, this app is supported by google ads and it does not provide the option to remove ads or pro version of it.

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  1. Arun left a comment on August 20, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    I was looking for a way about how can I put my Android phone on silent mode while working. I accidentally found your article about using phone scheduler app. I tried it and it works. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Amudhakumar left a comment on August 20, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      Nice to hear that phone schedule app helped you.

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