Track Wrestling Mobile App : Best Android Mobile Apps Review

Track Wrestling Mobile App review provides the top 10 best android applications that can help you to assist yourself in your passion towards wrestling. You can start using it and track your score when you are online. The list of wrestling apps we are going to explore are:

  1. Wrestling Tournament Tracker
  2. Wrestling Speed & Strength
  3. Brazilian Wrestling (Luta)
  4. PWX Wrestling
  5. Suplex – Wrestling Journal
  6. ISWA Wrestling
  7. Penn State Wrestling Club

Track Wrestling Mobile App List

Wrestling Tournament Tracker

Wrestling Tournament Tracker - Track Wrestling Mobile App
Wrestling Tournament Tracker – Track Wrestling Mobile App

Wrestling Tournament Tracker was developed by JTS Technology Solutions, LLC. You must have android 4.0.3 and up to install this app on your device.  The Wrestling Tournament Tracker app is the right choice for the coach rather than the student for tracking wrestling activities and scores. The coach can completely stop paper and pen to track the performance of a wrestling student. The app has the details in it. These details will be saved on the server and the user can access the details from any device. The best option is the feature to upload the schedule of the matches. The app will notify and remind us for further action to perform. The app is also compatible with iPhone and iPad. It is one of the best wrestle track apps.

Wrestling Speed & Strength

Wrestling Speed & Strength is a sports application developed and released by Fitivity. Wrestling Speed & Strength is a mobile application that contains the workouts for performing better in wrestling. It is the best app for a beginner who prefers to grow from beginning to a professional wrestler. For athletes working out by themselves. Practicing in small groups or with a partner. For coaches and trainers to incorporate in their workouts, lessons, or current routines. The app requires android version 3.2 and up.

Wrestling Speed and Strength - Track Wrestling Mobile App
Wrestling Speed and Strength – Track Wrestling Mobile App

App Features:

  • Workouts at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Instructional coaching using video and voiceover
  • Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions and freeze frames
  • Profile with social notifications, past posts, and your bio – Active community of coaches, elite athletes, beginners, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, and athletic trainers

Brazilian Wrestling (Luta)

Brazilian Wrestling (Luta)
Brazilian Wrestling (Luta)

Brazilian Wrestling (Luta) app was developed by Alexcandy. The app requires Android 2.3 and above. It helps us to learn the movements of martial arts. Luta Livre is the original Brazilian wrestling. The game mainly originated from judo and wrestling. It is a combat sport developed and originated in brazil. It is best app for middle school users.

PWX Wrestling

PWX Wrestling
PWX Wrestling

PWX Wrestling is a sports app developed by premiere Wrestling Xperience INC. IT allows us to watch current Tv episodes, Connect to Facebook and Twitter. Find our next events and buy tickets all from your mobile device

Suplex – Wrestling Journal

Suplex - Wrestling Journal
Suplex – Wrestling Journal

Sara Hardy Suplex lets wrestlers, parents, and coaches keep track of events, matches, opponents, and season records from wrestling tournaments and dual meets. Perfect for moms and dads of youth wrestlers (elementary and middle school), youth and high school wrestling coaches, and even high school wrestlers.

ISWA Wrestling

ISWA Wrestling
ISWA Wrestling

ISWA (International Submission Wrestling Alliance) app is a must have app for every wrestler. It is a paid app. Eventhough it des not faa in your budget bracket, it’s worth buying for those love wrestling. Irrespective of your participation style, you can download and use ISWA (International Submission Wrestling Alliance) app on your android phones. This app includes submission wrestling, Catch-As-Catch-Can, Freestyle, Folkstyle, Greco-Roman and Sambo.

The video tutorial added every week is the highlight in this application. You will get video guide for every style or move. These videos are not like simple videos uploaded for name sake. These videos are cast by fully qualified coaches. The purchase of the app is valid for a year and you need to renew it every year.

Penn State Wrestling Club


Penn State Wrestling Club
Penn State Wrestling Club

Penn State Wrestling Club application was launched by the Penn State Wrestling Club itself. You can follow them online at every moment with your android powered mobile phone. This app gives you direct access to: the latest Penn State Wrestling news, current schedule and results, roster profiles including match results for each Penn State wrestler, the latest national rankings, relevant Twitter feeds, and the Penn State Wrestling Club’s photo gallery.

Hope you had fun while reading through my suggestions for Track Wrestling Mobile App. Please let e know your feedback or any other mobile app that helped you to track wrestling activities on mobile app


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