Top 10 Reasons Why Data Connection Must be Always Active on Smartphones?

Smartphone Data connection
Smartphone Data connection
Smartphone Data connection

Currently, everyone is having smartphones. However, many of the smartphones does not have access to data connection (GPRS, 3G or 4G) connection. This article will help you to get the top 10 reasons why data connection must be always active on smartphones.

I have prioritized these based on their critical level. Any of these reason can be your top most reason why you need to have active data connection. Very soon, I will explain each and every reason mentioned below as each post.


Top 10 reasons why data connection must be always active on smartphones?

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  1. Track your lost Android phone using Android Device Manager
  2. Validate any information instantly so that you are not fooled with wrong information from unqualified person.
  3. Check your bank balance and transfer money anytime from your smartphone.
  4. Navigate to a new location using Google Navigation App
  5. Find the alternative and shortest route using Google Map App.
  6. Track and find near by ATM’s or restaurants or any other service using Google places App.
  7. Check your email anytime anywhere.
  8. Share the events and share your status with Facebook and Google Plus App.
  9. Chat or share live photos with your friends with whats-app App
  10. Watch Youtube videos or any video tutorial during free time.
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