SEO Chat Forum Review and Steps to Signup

What is SEO Chat Forum?

SEO Chat Forum is a free  forum for Search Engine Optimization beginners. You get unlimited access to the like minded people who are experts in SEO. It also provides free SEO tools like seo chat tool, seo discussion forum. It will will help you to increase your website or blog presence in internet.

Credibility of SEO Chat Forums

SEO Chat Forums is a trusted source to learn, increase back link and viability of the website. This website has the following quality rankings:

  • Google Page Rank : 5/10
  • Domain Authority : 77/100
  • Page Authority       :    72/100
  • PR Quality              :     Very Strong

For your easy understanding, I have provided below the steps to signup for SEO Chat Forum?

Even though, there are two steps to get registered as per SEO Chat Forum, I have broken down each step for better understanding.

Step1: Visiting SEO Chat Forum Home Page

Register at SEO Chat Forums by Appnol
Register at SEO Chat Forums by Appnol
  1. Visit SEO Chat Forum
  2. You will have a small description about their service. Here, you can find a button stating “Join Now for Free
  3. Click on the button. You will be taken to the registration page.
Register at SEO Chat Forums by Appnol
Register at SEO Chat Forums by Appnol

Step 2: Registration at SEO Chat Forums

Here you will be  required to  provide your personal details  like Month, Day and year. You  can select them from the drop down list. However, you can enter year manually. Next click  “Proceed” to go to the next page. To edit, click on “Reset” to refill the  form. You can also edit manually.

Note: The details you will provide here will not be accessible and can’t be changed in future. Be careful in entering the data.

Step 3: Proving Required Information

The information requested here are mandatory and can not be skipped. Though, we will be able to change it later, no account can be created without any of these values.

SEO Chat REquired Information
SEO Chat REquired Information

User Name: You need to enter your preferred username. This will be used to login to your SEO Chat account in future. It must be unique and provided based on availability. Once you start typing the username, it will be validated instantly. If the username is available, you will get a notification Username is valid and not in use.

Note:  Your username should not be less than 3 characters.

Password and Confirm Password: Now, you need to enter your password. Again confirm your password. If the password is valid, you will not receive any notification. Even though, there is not limitation to set a password, it  is always better to have your password as alpha numeric and at least one word with upper case and 6 characters in length.

Email Address and Confirm Email Address: Enter your email address here. If you have a email address with specific domain, better use that instead of using free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and MSN. Please note that  it must be a valid email address as an  verification email will be sent to it.

Step 4: Verification

This  steps is included to avoid spamming. There will be a random question assigned and you need to enter  the correct answer in thee box provided below.

Random Verifivation Question
Random Verifivation Question

Step 4: Optional Additional Required Information

The fields coming after these are optional and it is purely your choice to provide them. However, I encourage you to fill them completely as it will  give complete details to the person who visits your profile in the chat room.

Subscribing to The SEO Chat Newsletter: You can choose to receive newsletter. With this you can be updated  with all the  latest technology and  we will never miss them.


Subscribing to SEO Chat Forum Newsletter
Subscribing to SEO Chat Forum Newsletter

Why do you want to join?: Here, you need  to enter the reason  for which  you wish to join SEO Chat Forum. It can be anything. However, if it is found to be invalid or spamming, your  account may not be  approved.

Time Zone Settings: Later, you can select your time zone. The  time zone will be automatically captured based on your IP address and location. However, you can select the preferred timezone. You can select Day Light Saving  as automatically detect for better result.

Receive  Email from Administrators: Just check this box to receive email from administrators. Any important communication happen to this email address.

Step 5: Proving Social Media Details

You can provide your Facbook, Twitter, LikedIn, Google+ ids and connect with  all these services from SEO Chat Forum. All you need to do is, just enter the your username.

Note: Just enter the details that comes after “/” in the URL. For example, if my Facebook profile is, then you need to enter only “/Amudhakumar” and  not the fill link with the domain name.

Finally, accept the forum rules and click on “Click to Register” button. Now, we are done. The only thing pending is the email validation. However, you will be immediately able to access the forum.



Signing up to SEO Chat Forum or any other services is just the beginning step for increasing visitors or knowledge regarding SEO. However, our active participation in forum and chat by posting new thread and replying to others query without spamming is very important. You can also use  the free tools provided by them. SEO chat keyword tool is one of the  famous and easy easy tool. If you really enjoyed reading this article, you can share it in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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