How to Send Email in Google Plus without Email Address

Today we are going to learn How to Send Email in Google Plus using Gmail. With the information available in Google Plus profile, you can send an email without an email address.

Now, Google has made sending an email a simpler style. Earlier, if you are sending an email to a new or strange email address, you need to type their email address manually and add them to your contact list. This at times leads to incorrect email due to a typo error. Now, Google made it simple and easy by integrating Gmail and Google Plus profile.

How to Send Email in Google Plus without an Email Address

How to Send Email in Google Plus without Email Address
How to Send Email in Google Plus without Email Address

While composing or drafting the email from Gmail, it will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients. Select the desired person from the suggestion. Now, you can send them an email. It is not required to have their email address handy.

For example, you can find the screenshot below. Here, I searched for a name who is a friend of mine. Mr.Pandian. He was already my gmail contact. But, he is still my Google plus member. Hence, it suggests his name under Google Plus connections.


The Important Information Regarding How to Email Someone On Google Plus Are:

  •  You can send the email to Google + connections. However, your Google + id will be displayed and the email address will not be displayed. This is one of the brilliant privacy ideas that Google implemented. Hat’s off to Google for taking privacy with high priority.
  • The Gmail has three inbox categories. Primary, Social, and Promotions. If you receive or send an email to the person who has your name in his circles, the email will be displayed as Primary Email. If you are not in each other circle, the email will be sent to a social category.
  • You will not be able to start another conversation without adding the same person in your circle.

Compatible Web Browsers to Send Email in Google Plus

This feature is supported by every latest web browsers in the market. However, the older versions of IE (Internet Explorer) may not be compatible. Click on the Wikipedia article, To learn more about web browsers.

Can I Send Email to Google Plus Profile Using Gmail App for Mobile

Irrespective of your mobile model whether it is android, iphone or windows phone, the option to send email from gmail to google plus profile is not available. We can not send it from mobile app. This feature is available only on web apps web browsers.

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