Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is Extended Till March 31, 2017

The information related to an extension of reliance jio welcome offer is confirmed. Even though there is several pre-launch information was leaked in all leading tech websites and social media and WhatsApp, I didn’t believe because there was no official announcement from Jio.

The information is not a scam like any other viral social media fake news. Enjoy the Free Jio Service till March 2017.

Today I have received a personal message from Reliance Jio Infocom limited confirming the offer. If you have not received the message, probably, contact Jio Customer Care and confirm the same.


The exact Text contained in the SMS notification was:

Dear Customer, THANK YOU for being part of the growing Jio family and showing your love. We are 50 million strong and growing. As a gesture of appreciation, we are extending your free benefits till 31st March 2017. Related communication to follow. We look forward to your continued feedback and support. Team Jio

Why the Jio Welcome Offer Was Extended Till March 2017

Initially, the welcome offer was launched till December 31,2016. Later TRAI intervened and announced that the welcome offer will be offered till December 3, 2016. In the mean time, there were lots of technical issues arised where the Jio customers were not able to use the service to the full extend. Jio informed that it is due to the connecting network issue. The network issue was resolved with the help of TRAI.

Having been realized that the Jio users were not satisfied in the first 3 months service, jio infocomm limited announced the extension of the free service till arch 31, 2017 as a token of appreciation and also a good will gesture to retain the customer base.

What Should I Do If Have Not Received the Extended Offer Message?

Every reliance jio custoer is eligible to receive the offer extended. However, if you have not received a SMS, I strongly suggest you to confir the same by contacting the customer support. If you continue to use the service, you may end up receiving bills. Let us be not ignorent in this situation.


It was good to some extent. I received network access even in remote areas. When it comes to call connection, it was dropped and choppy audio issues too. But, I could use the jio offer very effectively.

Finally, an organisation that really thinks about the end-user in the mind. Hope you too received the Jio welcome offer extension message. Please do share your experience as comments below in using jio service in the first 3 months service. How was your experience in using Jio welcome offer for the 3 months? How useful it was and how much money you saved.


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