Haptick App Review The Best Ever Lifestyle App You Ever Need

Haptik App Wiki: The Best Ever Lifestyle and Personal Assistant App

Let us discuss about Haptik app wiki that can help you in every aspect for free. Thank you Vignesh for suggesting yet another app to be reviwed on Appnol. The first app suggested by Mr.Vignesh is Walnut App. The personal smart finance If you have tried any application that won your heart, please drop us a review request using the contact form below this post.  We at Appnol will be… Read Article →

Learn to Search Google Play Store without Opening It

Today we are going to learn to search google play store without opening it. Whenever we try to search some mobile application, we use to open play store and type the keyword in the search box. This will provide the suggestion list. There is nothing wrong in searching the play store in a traditional way. However, there are invisible challenges while performing this action. Let us discuss further. Drawbacks of… Read Article →


Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is Extended Till March 31, 2017

The information related to an extension of reliance jio welcome offer is confirmed. Even though there is several pre-launch information was leaked in all leading tech websites and social media and WhatsApp, I didn’t believe because there was no official announcement from Jio. The information is not a scam like any other viral social media fake news. Enjoy the Free Jio Service till March 2017. Today I have received a personal message from Reliance… Read Article →

How to Search a Website without a Search Box

How to Search a Website without a Search Box?

Let us learn to Search a website without a search box. Whenever people search websites using the search bar, the site will have a visible search box. However, there are several sites that do not have one. If so, how can someone search what they are looking for? Here, we are going to see a working trick or hack for searching a website that does not have a search box. Whenever you… Read Article →