How much data does facebook mobile app consume

How Much Data Does Facebook Mobile App Consume?

The Facebook mobile application is one of the must have app for every smartphone user. Recently, I happened to chat with a friend of mine who has a limited data plan with T-mobile service. He’s not a tech savvy. His mobile plan allows only 500 MB a month. He was afraid of overage charges because of the data consumed by facebook app and Whatsapp. Even though there are several options to… Read Article →

Google Hangouts Desktop App Installation Guide - Add to Chrome

Google Hangouts Desktop App : Chrome Installation Guide

Google Hangouts Desktop App Installation Guide will give you the easy steps that anyone can understand and start using the service. The desktop app for Hangouts can be added to your chrome browser. If you are not aware of google hangout, I suggest you to read my older post describing Google Hangouts Program. Overview About Google Hangouts Desktop App Google hangouts is a VoIP application that allows any google user to… Read Article →

Google Hangouts Program

What is Google Hangouts Program?

We all know very well that google offers several free programs that are on par with technology. In the direction of going digital, all the programs launched by google are a great assistant.  We are going to explore about Google hangouts program now. About Hangouts Google hangouts is a freeware available as a web app for computers, as a mobile app for android and Apple devices. Google hangouts program was initially… Read Article →

jio join jio join for windows lumia phones

I am Unable to Download Jio Apps on My Handset

If you are unable to download jio application on your handset, it may be due to several reasons. Just have a look at the issues below: Jio SIM is not detected or not available Play store not setup on your device. No or slow Internet connection No sufficient space on your device If you have any one of the issues above, I think you yourself can understand where the issue… Read Article →

jio join jio join for windows lumia phones

Can I Download Jio Join App for Windows Lumia Phone?

Are you looking forward to using jio join app for windows phone?  The direct answer is NO. You can not use the app on your windows Lumia phones manufactured by Nokia, Microsoft or HTC. The main reason because Jio Join (Jio4gOnline) is designed only for android and iPhones. The app for windows phones is yet to be released. If you find any instructions on the third party website, please ignore those… Read Article →

Jio TV Not Working Resolve Check Internet Connection Error in Jio Play App

Jio TV Not Working: Resolve Check Internet Connection Error in Jio Play App?

Are you a Jio User and Jio TV not working? Are you facing the error check internet connection in android or iOS device while watching your favourite channel? Learn how to fix the issue and watch your programs without any delay or latency. The solution is simple. Just enable and disable airplane mode. If you prefer to learn How does this work, you can continue to read till the end. What… Read Article →

Find Medical Store Near Me

Find Medical Shop Near Me in No Time From Anywhere in India

We are going to discuss about how to find a medical shop near me. The idea suggested here will work anywhere in india provided you must have access to internet and have the Haptik Personal Assistant installed on your phone. Medicine, chemist and support during emergency is realy need of the hour. If you are new to some places and you need to find out where the medical supply shop near… Read Article →