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Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is Extended Till March 31, 2017

The information related to an extension of reliance jio welcome offer is confirmed. Even though there is several pre-launch information was leaked in all leading tech websites and social media and WhatsApp, I didn’t believe because there was no official announcement from Jio. The information is not a scam like any other viral social media fake news. Enjoy the Free Jio Service till March 2017. Today I have received a personal message from Reliance… Read Article →

How to Search a Website without a Search Box

How to Search a Website without a Search Box?

Let us learn to Search a website without a search box. Whenever people search websites using the search bar, the site will have a visible search box. However, there are several sites that do not have one. If so, how can someone search what they are looking for? Here, we are going to see a working trick or hack for searching a website that does not have a search box. Whenever you… Read Article →

What is BTS 4G

What is BTS 4G | Base Transceiver Station 4G

BTS 4G means Base Transceiver Station 4G. It is the latest technology used in a mobile network connection. Earlier it was BTS 3G and now it is BTS 4G. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited launched recently is the example of BTS 4G network. In this mobile technology, the voice quality, data transfer speed are at high speed. videos can load without buffering. It supports LTE and WiMAX radio standards. It comes… Read Article →

Sing Your Favorite Song Using Sing Karaoke by Smule

Sing Karaoke by Smule: Sing Your Favorite Song App for Android and iOS

Sing Karaoke by Smule app helps us to Sing Your Favorite Song using android and iOS devices. It’s one of the best singing karaoke apps for android, iPhone and Windows phones providing free karaoke. There is a myth that singing is a talent for an individual and very few people have the blessing from god. However, it is not the case. It is all about getting an opportunity to exhibit your talent… Read Article →

How to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps

How to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps?

Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps. In general, we will have the option to turn off tethering from the “settings” option. However, you need to navigate to the tethering and portable hotspot section every time to turn it off. However, the tips provided here will help you to turn off the mobile hotspot in just two steps witout wasting much time. Steps to Turn Off… Read Article →

Truecaller App Review Truecaller Caller ID & Block

Truecaller App Review or Truecaller Caller ID & Block. Ever since I started using apps like true caller, I am finding it comfortable  to use it and it is one of the best caller id apps available  in the market. It easily identifies the caller’s caller id and displays on the screen when we receive a phone call. Truecaller Caller ID & Block helps us to identify the name of the person,… Read Article →

Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email

Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email ?

In this article, you will learn is it possible to receive whatsapp verification code via Email, different modes for receiving whatsapp verification code, the reason for not receiving whatapp verification code to your email is that it is sent to your whatsapp number only. In order to use Whatsapp, you should have installed the app, the phone number must be verified and you must be connected to active internet connection…. Read Article →