Why One Should Never Create Gmail Account without Phone Number

Recently, I am seeing people searching for hacking tips and tricks related to creating google services without phone number, without verification and more.  Yes, there are working tips available online. However, I would like to highlight why one should never create Gmail account without phone number.

Why Google Needs Your Phone Number?

Let us understand why google needs your phone number to verify gmail account. Why it performs gmail phone number verification? In my experience in using google services, google has never sent me a marketing/promotional messages. The primary reason for your phone number is to validate your account and help you to recover your account details if it is hacked or misused by someone.

In google’s point of view, it helps their system away from spam sign ups. This step ensures that no auto creation of email address is done using robot.

Mapping your phone number to your Gmail account is another step for verification. This particular option helps you to receive verification or OTP (One Time Password) in case of protecting your account.

Gmail is a free service and Google has nothing to do with your phone number. In the recent development in technology and cyber crime rate increasing, it is always safe to have an extra step of verification.

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Places Where We Use Email Address and Phone Number

We use a valid phone number and an email address for every service we subscribe. Even the bank account requires our contact information. Hence, mode of communication is very very important. In this aspect google needs our contact information in future.

Using the email address created by gmail, we are using the same email on bank account registration, online transaction, mobile wallet services and more. If the email address you have is not active due to the inability to verify gmail or absence of phone number, we may miss important communication regarding our account. Hence, it is safe and a good practice to have an email address registered for your google account.

Amudhakumar is a passionate blogger and writes for Appnol.com. He graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachler’s Degree in computer science. Holds 6 years of experience in leading MNC’s like Accenture, CSS Corp, and Amazon India.