What to Do When You Drop Your Phone in Water ?

Do you know what to do when you drop your phone in water? In our family, we lost several devices when dropped cell phone in water. This scenario may arrive at any point of time when someone has a mobile phone. Here, I have discussed few solutions about what to do if you drop your phone in water.

A recent study about water complaints states that 1 in 5 Person Drops the Phone in Toilet. This study was conducted by an online address-book site Plaxo. They never know the option of fixing a phone dropped in water.

Before discussing what to do, I think it will be good if I discuss about different scenarios when your phones will get water complaints?

  • Children playing with the mobile phone and keeping it in the mouth.
  • Keeping the mobile in the pocket and the sweat enters or water enters into the mobile keypad during rain.
  • Dropping phone in toilet bending down to pick up some things.

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Possible Technical Issues when Dropped Phone in Water

  • Touch Screen Not Working
  • Won’t Turn On
  • Speaker Not Working
  • Phone Won’t Charge
  • Touch Screen Doesn’t Work

What To Do With Cell Phone Dropped In Water ?

Whenever, a mobile phone is dropped or falls into water, we always try to take it and check the condition of the phone very eagerly. The curiosity will make us to power on the phone and check the status.

Here is we go wrong. As mobile phone is an electronic gadget and is powered by a Li-On (Lithium Ion battery), the electrical supply will be stopped when dropped inside water. When we try to power it on, the circuit will be initiated and as water is a good conductor of electricity, the current will pass through the complete board and short circuit will occur. This will damage the

This will damage the motherboard and the mobile phone will become dead. If your mobile gets in contact with the water, even if it is in working condition, please think that the water is present inside. Hence, if the mobile is powered on even after taking it out of water, follow the instructions below:

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  • First, switch off your mobile phone.
  • Take a Soft towel preferably in cotton and wipe the water off. You can also keep the mobile phone wrapped with a cotton towel. This will ensure that the water is absorbed by the cotton towel.
  • Now remove every part of the panel, battery, SIM card, memory card and the keypad if possible
  • Never ever unscrew the keypad and the motherboard connections.

  • Keep it dry preferably in sunlight. If not, you can use a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can also use Silica Gel (Will be available in white packets in new materials to keep insects and moisture out of reach) kept nearby or arranged around it. It will absorb the moisture that cannot be cleaned with a towel or any other physical means.
Mobile Phone Dropped in water and Silica Gel

What to Do When You Drop Your Phone in Water and You Do Not Have SilicaGel? – UseRice Trick to Save Phone Dropped in Water

If you do not have Silica Gel, then bury the mobile inside the rice container in your house. This will also absorb the water content or moisture on the phone. This rice trick will be very useful and it is one of the instant access that anyone can get.

What to do if you drop your phone in water – Using Silica Gel

Rice Trick to Save Mobile with Water Complaint

Once the complete water is evaporated, you can reassemble the mobile phone and start using it.

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