My Blogging Experience: Adsense From Hobby to Career

Hi blogger, in this session, I am going to share my blogging experience in blogging and Adsense. I will be covering all my experiences that may help you, inspire you and grow in your blogging career. I have also shared how I took blogging as a hobby and took it as a career.

In earlier times, there were no examples of blogging for money. Lots of people are not aware of the blogging definition. However, in recent times there are blog examples and proven result.

I use to read blogs of those who are successful in blogging. The bloggers like Neil Patil, Harsh Agarwal, and Amit Agarwal own popular blogs and they are my favorite bloggers too.

If you are a beginner and especially a student trying to blog and make money via Adsense, it is possible that you may take things for granted. Please forgive me if I am using some harsh words here. I myself had undergone a student life with AdSense program. I think I can share my own experience with AdSense during school and college days. I would like to highlight that the experiences quoted here are not to create any sympathy for me. I strongly believe after reading this post, you will take extra care in blogging and Adsense. Let us proceed.

My Family and Financial Status

As I am going to share my own experience with Adsense program, I would like to put yourself into my situation and understand each and every spot. It took around 10 years for me to take blogging as a profession. If my family is gifted with more money, I would have never thought of an opportunity to make more money.

I was born in a financially poor family in one of the beautiful city named “Theni“.  It is located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. We were 7 members including my parents. I am the youngest child in our family. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My mom was housewife till I turned 7 years old and became a daily wager later. My dad was a co-operative Milk Society supervisor and a supervisor in a cotton mill later.

In the year 1993, we migrated from our native place to another place looking for income opportunity. We stayed in a lonely house where we did not even have an electric connection. We used chimney lamps using kerosene. All my brothers and sisters use to go for daily wages work. As I was just 5 years old, I was not allowed to go to work. After 1 KM from our house, there lived a family where they manufacture jute ropes. I use to go to their home and play. They told me to come every day and made me spin the wheel used to create coir ropes.

Coir Making Wheel

Coir Making Wheel

I did it with innocence. After a week they gave me Rs.25. I went to my home and gave it to my mom. It was my first revenue. I worked there for around 3 months.

After a kilometer from our house, there lived a family where they manufacture coir ropes. I use to go to their home and play. The family use to give me food and snacks. They also told me to come every day. Slowly, they made me spin the wheel used to create coir ropes. I did it with innocence. After a week they gave me Rs.25 and said it was my salary. Even though I did not understand the meaning of the word salary, I got excited about the 25 rupees I got. I went to my home and gave it to my mom. It was my first revenue. I worked there for around 3 months.

Later, we migrated into the city as we became little stable. My dad decided to put me in school as I was too young to go for a job. This made me get into school. With god’s blessings and my family member’s dedication and hard work, I became the first graduate in my family. Others were elementary school dropouts.

Even though we made money, my parents were in huge debts. The money we earned was not sufficient to meet our daily needs. We have sacrificed several auspicious occasions like birthday, Diwali and other festivals. We never celebrated them because we had no money. I still remember those days when I use to run and check for crackers that were left out on road after busting them. I try to bust them again. I have even seen days in my life without regular meals. Some days with three meals a day and few days without a single meal a day.

As all my family members will go to their job, they will return home around 10:00 PM. Till then I use to play with other children. After 6 PM, maximum people will go to their home. But, I will not go because there will be none in our house and I am afraid of staying alone. I will be wandering in streets where it is bright. Sometimes, I will fall to sleep in the place where I am sitting. My dad used to find me somehow and take me home. For my safety and to make unlimited money, my dad decided to quit his job and do a business of his own.

I use to make 100% attendance to my school. Because I will get free lunch. My teachers use to quote me as an example to other students on how to eat without wasting food and come to school without taking leave.

Hope you understand the financial status of our family. Every bitter situation was a lesson for me. I too learned few principals in my life:

  • Every activity I do must make my parents proud
  • We can continue to be in a job. But, we should not stick to job throughout the life. Business is the way to go.
  • Help my family members for a better lifestyle.
  • Never ever waste food, water, and money.
  • Never smoke, drink alcohol, and hang out with friends.
  • Make More money so that you can help others

My School Life

Due to my dad’s dream to put me into school, I got an opportunity to go to school. I used to spend more time in school because everything will be given for free. I love the lunch provided in school. I became the good performer in academics too. I used to get top ranks in my class. I have never seen my progress card with red ink. This inspired my dad to give me a better education. Whenever my dad meets someone, he used to tell about me. He will use words like my son will study well, he will take care of the family. He used to mention he is my faith and pillar. These statements made me decide that I will help my dad at every moment.

On one find day evening, I was playing near my dad. As usual, my dad was telling about me to a new friend of him. I still remember my dad telling “he is my son and very brilliant”. This turned out to be a turning point in my life. My dad’s friend Mr.Balasubramaniam collected more details about me. He inspired my dad and also said there is a school named Sainik School. If he tries and gets through the entrance exam, his life will be better. My dad got more excited and said I am ready to do anything to put my son in Sainik school.

I was put into special coaching center. I took up all India Sainik school entrance exam. I wrote the exam in Tamil medium. When the results were released, I was the overall 25th rank holder in Tamil Nadu. State first rank holder in Tamil medium. I was given a full scholarship. We were expected to pay minimal fees every year. My dad helped me to get the best education. It is due to this reason why I am able to communicate and write well in English.

How I Got Introduced to Blogging and Adsense Opportunity?

My introduction to AdSense program was very early in my life. But, it took a decade to gain the confidence to take professional blogging as a career. What did I do during 10 years is the lesson that can help you to keep your Adsense account healthy.

I must accept that I was always looking for different ways to make money which is legal and ethical. I studied in a reputed school in India named Sainik School. In order to get the updates with current affairs, our school management has offered to supply newspapers to all its super seniors and premiers. I opted for the Newspaper called “The New Indian Express”. I found a column named “Money Spinners“. An article related to making money will be discussed in this column once in a week. I happened to read the article about making money by blogging and Adsense.

I came to know about blogging in 2004. I approached one of my school teacher Mr.ShanmugaSundaram regarding the opportunity. This teacher said he had no knowledge about it. However, he added stating you can come to my home and explore it yourself. I went to his home and created my first blog on January 1, 2005. As I was busy with my CBSE board exams, I did not concentrate on AdSense program. Once I took admission in a college, I decided to explore the opportunity more.

I continued to create blogs after blog. I really did not have any idea about how to proceed. I approached one of the browsing centers. They have mentioned that they do web designing. I approached them and requested help in integrating AdSense on my blogger blog. But the person said he never heard about it. However, I continued to write articles. During that time, Orkut was the only famous social networking site. I use to share to articles in Orkut groups. Even though I tried all possible ways and means, my revenue did not increase. By investing all my free time and money (browsing center), I was frustrated as revenue did not grow. It was in the year of 2008, I received a postcard to my residential address. The card said “Google” on its top and it contained a verification code. The instructions said to enter the same PIN by logging into my AdSense account. I did the same. Later in 2009, I received my first google payment in my payee name. It was for 102 USD.

I received the check and I was excited. Later I realized I did not have a bank account of my own. It took a week’s time to create a bank account in my name. It took another 10 days to clear the check and get the amount remitted.

Tools I Owned and How I Managed to Spend Money in Early Days of Blogging?

To be very frank, I owned nothing in the initial days. I always felt it will be great if I own a computer, internet connection, and someone to teach me blogging. As I have already mentioned, money was a constraint from day one in my life. I had a basic Nokia mobile which can help us to place calls and send SMS. As I did not have money, I always use to tell to my sister that I need a phone with GPRS connection and a computer at home. She worked as a receptionist in one of the garment manufacturing units.

Occasionally, I use to get money from my dad telling him that I need to go to browsing center. He will give me 20 to 30 rupees. I will take this money and go to the browsing center by walk. The browsing center is almost 4 KM away from my home. I use to go to the browsing center and try to write some post and implement AdSense on my blog. Due to money constraint, I can not stay in the cafe for more than an hour. There have been times when I will write a blog post and will not be able to publish it as the time will be over.

This practice continued for two years of my college. One day my sister called me and informed that there is a GPRS enabled mobile available or second-hand sales. She bought it for me for 3000 INR. The mobile was Nokia 6030, Black color. I learned about basics of blogging by using the phone. But, I still go to browsing center for publishing and editing my blogs. After looking at my interest, my sister bought me a computer on EMI. Now that I have a GPRS enabled phone and a PC. But, I can not access the internet from mobile to computer. So, I still had to depend on browsing center.

One day I happened to meet a classmate of mine Mr.Madankumar. He used a phone model called Sony Ericsson K310i. He mentioned that sony is a wonderful product for the internet. We can easily connect to your PC using the data cable and access internet. This inspired me to get one model like such.

After a vigorous search for Sony Ericsson K310i, I got one mobile for second hand. It was Rs.1500 when I bought. Now, I am set with an internet connection, a computer with Internet access. What next, let us see the impact of the unnoticed speed breaker on the way.

The Biggest Mistake I Made: If You Think smarter Google Will Think smarter than the Smartest

After a long struggle, I now got a computer with internet access in my home.  What next? I was in full excitement. I too received my first AdSense payment. So, I was confident that the company will not cheat. I started blogging more. I tried to create different blogs. I will get interested on a topic and will start a new blog. Then, I will leave it and start a new blog. Due to this, I ended up creating more blogs. But, no revenue. I too did not have a single niche to write articles on.

The only way of generating revenue was clicking on advertisements. I too shared my articles on Orkut and other online free classifieds. But, I did not see the increase in revenue. I was not aware of the logics like SEO and many factors to drive traffic. In order to start increasing the revenue, I started clicking on my own advertisements. I was afraid initially. When the account was credited with the earnings report, I thought google is not aware that I am clicking on my own ads.

I went some extra mile and informed my friends to go ahead and click ads. I thought I was smart. I even employed two people to click on ads from their mobile browser. To my surprise, the revenue was increasing in my Adsense account. Around 20th of the month, I received an email warning there is a suspicious activity happening. I stopped self-clicking due to the email warning. On 1st of the next month, I received an email stating my AdSense account was disabled due to invalid clicks. It was really a big shock. Because the amount accumulated was 60,000 INR. Just because I did not take google Adsense terms o service seriously, my account was disabled. I really felt hurt because I lost a million dollar opportunity. Google has clearly mentioned that they turn deaf ears towards accounts disabled due to fraudulent activity. After this incident, I completely forgot Adsense and blogging. I even forgot the password for the google account I owned.

The main purpose of me sharing these experience with you all is to let you know that if you are wise to google, Google will also be wise with you. A genuine effort will always give the genuine result.

How I Got Introduced to Professional Approach to Adsense Program

During the college days, I got an opportunity to attend a personality development program and Intervention program. I was one of the representatives from Coimbatore group NCC. Here, I learned a lot. I learned about Time management, Money Management, resource management. All these were conducted by one of the psychological advisors to the president of India. This knowledge helped me in lots of scenarios.

In the year 2010, I reached Chennai after getting an opportunity with Accenture. I started working with Accenture. Unfortunately, I was laid off from Accenture very early. During this time, I was introduced to the direct selling opportunity called Amway India. I started using Amway products. I loved them too. I was introduced to the group of professionals called BWW. BWW is an organization of financially free successful people. They followed a wonderful concept called teaching the business secrets to others and succeeding as a team. They also taught us about approaching any opportunity in a professional manner. I learned from britt system and planned to apply the logic to AdSense program too.

Here is where I decided to start my second innings with blogging. I started blogging with a new Gmail account. I started writing own content and applied the principles learned from BWW system for AdSense program. I got the account approved. Due to financial constraints, I continued to blog on a free platform called blogger. I did not make any money till 2014. But, I determined to make this Adsense account a complete organic account.

As I have already mentioned that I learn from BWW system, I started looking for people who are successful in blogging and to follow their ideas and success principles. I started searching for successful bloggers in India. I found the profile of Amit Agarwal. After going through Amit Agarwal’s story, I got my faith level more. I followed few of his principles and one of the decision was to migrate from blogger to WordPress. It was a decision. However, I was not aware how to blog in WordPress.

I started searching for a blogger who is successful in WordPress blogging. I discovered Harsh Agarwal and his award-winning blog Shoutmeloud. Harsh Agarwal’s guide on WordPress blogging gave me a shift in attitude about blogging.

In this journey, I found my own self-hosted WordPress blog Appnol. I learned SEO related stuff from Harsh Agarwal’s I too learned from for some information related to plugins and troubleshooting technical issues.

A Decision to Take Blogging as a Career

When I founded, I was working with Amazon India. With the learnings about blogging, SEO, and other aspects, I started seeing small juice of my efforts. I found people visiting my blog from the google search. It was around 10 to 15 visitors per day. While working in my office, my manager noticed my productivity in office went down. When I found the root cause of it, I have spent more time in learning and implementing SEO concepts and writing a blog post during office hours. Then, I decided I am not going to blog during office hours. I thought I will write a blog post after reaching my home. But, things did not fall in place as expected. I had the following challenges:

  • I felt tired and not motivated to sit in front of a system even after reaching home. Moreover, it happened to work in my office for more than 10 hours to meet office requirements.
  • I found myself blogging automatically in the midst of my office hours.

This continued to for a long time. On one fine day, I realized then I can do better with blogging. The only constraint is the time. With a lot of factors, I decided to make a deal to myself. I will put my heart and soul into blogging for next 3 months. If the visitors and AdSense revenue continues in the green signal, I will take blogging as a career. If not, I can always look for another job at any time. With this decision, I spoke to my spouse and family members regarding my decision. It was not a welcome effort. But, I decided to stick on to my decision because I believed in it. The next day, I went to my office and dropped an email to my manager stating I am willing to resign my work from Amazon. From the time when I dropped my email, I started blogging little regularly.

I started blogging very religiously. I started seeing results directly proportional in my first month. Then I started receiving more visitors day by day to my blog

I managed to meet my monthly expenditures by using some savings, PF Amount and help from a friend of mine. After 3 months, I found the trend in Green. I decided to blog full time. I told myself that if I can increase my visitors from 5 to 350 visitors a day, I too can receive 1000 and more visitors a day. All it needs is to be consistent and persistent.

I will be glad to share my growth, trend and blogging journey that may inspire you. Till then, just take a look at the domain overview report of from Semrush.

Appnol Domain Overview by semrush

Appnol Domain Overview by semrush

Amudhakumar is a passionate blogger and writes for He graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachler’s Degree in computer science. Holds 6 years of experience in leading MNC’s like Accenture, CSS Corp, and Amazon India.

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