Infolinks Review: Adsense Alternatives for Blogs

I heard about infolinks in later 2008. During that time, I was aware that it is the best Adsense Alternatives for Blogs. I was reviewing different ways to make money online using my blog. I still think about the initial days of blogging and those are unforgettable moments as there were a lot of self-learning using trial and error methods. But, it was fun blogging.

Infolinks Review: How to Monetize Your blog using Infolinks?

Even though you can find infolinks review online, review by Appnol will provide a clear overview of how to monetize your blog to earn money using  Infolinks as Adsense Alternatives for Blogsinfo links alternatives and How to implement Infolinks on your blog or website.
Infolinks is one of the google Adsense alternative that allows publishers to sign up for business to earn money. It is leading in contextual advertising compared to any other advertising service. Next to Google Adsense, it stands as the best way to earn money.

Infolinks provides advertisements based on the text displayed on the article content. Infolinks claims it will reduce banner blindness and increase the interaction of the visitors. The services provided are InText, InTag, InFold, and InFrame. The other services that are similar to Infolinks are Kontera and Vibrant Media. I will be discussing Kontera and Vibrant Media in later articles.

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Infolinks Homepage home page

Infolinks Review: How To Make Money With Infolinks?

To Make Money With Infolinks, you need to have a website or blog that is approved by Infolinks to display ads on it. Once the website is integrated, Infolinks will start serving ads.  If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install info links plugin to serve ads instantly. If is not required to add the ad code separately if the wordpress infolinks plugin is installed. Every visitor who clicks on the ad will generate revenue and Info links will share a revenue with you.

Info links work on the four areas of a website. The text in the content (InText), the tag associated with the article(InTag), search text used(InFold) and ads on the frames of the website(InFrame). Info links algorithm works very smart and analyses the best keywords on the content and inserts advert in the texts. The advertisers can sign up for info links and advertise their product in the network. The publishers can monetize their website or blog for free.

E Info Book - Infolinks InText, Infold, InTag, InFrame
Infolinks InText, Infold, InTag, InFrame

How to implement Infolinks on your blog or website?

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Implementing Infolinks ad code on your blog or website takes few minutes. It is that much easy. All you need to do is sign up for Infolinks and apply for the partnership. Once approved, get the HTML code and add it to the HTML coding of your blog or website. I will be discussing How to Apply for Infolinks and Get your account activated in later posts in detail.

Infolink Review Infolinks Payment Proof

As the bloggers with low traffic think Infolinks is not a scam. They are genuine publisher partner program. The issue with new bee bloggers are that they forget to drive traffic to their site and expect to earn unlimited passive income. If you have a blog that has 1000 visitors a day, you can expect a revenue of $5 to $7 a day. Please understand that your revenue is directly proportional to the number of visitors a day.

As my blog appnol is still growing, I do not have my payment proof. However, you can find the infolinks payment proof  in internet. If you have any questions related to payments, please refer to the below link:

Infolinks Alternative

The advertisement network similar to Info links is Kontera and Vibrant Media. However, there are other advertisement services available on the internet. Click Here to know the other similar websites related to Infolinks.

Infolinks Review Wrap up

In my personal experience, I am using both Google Adsense and Infolinks in my Tech Blog. If you ask me how much do you earn with Infolinks, I would say it is still in a child stage. I will see the KingKong size of Infolinks Earnings very soon. Google Adsense yields more financial results compared to Infolinks. However, when it comes to in text advertisements, Infolinks is second to none. Irrespective of which advertisement network you use, it is always required to optimize your blog with the help of free tools like AdWords keyword tool.

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