How to Use Whatsapp on Android Mobile | iPhone | PC | Laptop | Computer | Mac

How to Use Whatsapp on Android Mobile, iPhone, PC/Laptop/Computer is the primary focus of this article. We all know what is WhatsApp. However, we don’t know the real potential of it until we learn how to use WhatsApp on multiple platforms like android, iOS, iPhone, Windows phone and tablets.

How Do You Use Whatsapp?

How do you use Whatsapp on your phone? Are you aware of the requirements to communicate with your friends and family members? Do not worry if you are not aware. We shall discuss them in detail here. The first step towards using WhatsApp is to have a smartphone.

Requirements to Use Whatsapp Are:

  • A Smartphone compatible with WhatsApp
  • Active mobile/cellular phone number (Any Mobile Network with prepaid or postpaid connection)
  • Access to Active Internet connection (GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi Connection)
  • Working SMS plan on the phone number. (To receive verification code)
  • Free Space and latest internet browser installed on your mobile device (preferably on internal storage)
  • A PC/Mac/Laptop/Computer with the latest web browser if you prefer to use WhatsApp web feature.

How to Use Whatsapp on Mobile?

I hope you have all the above-mentioned list ready to proceed further. Mobile is a broader category and it is possible that you may have a mobile phone from a particular manufacturer. The steps to install WhatsApp on a different platform are almost the same. However, they may vary in few aspects. However, you will still be able to install WhatsApp on your device. Irrespective of the manufacturer of the mobile/tablet, we can classify them based on the operating system. They are:

  • Android Operating System
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and all apple products)
  • Windows Operating System (By Nokia and Microsoft)
  • Blackberry Operating System

How to Use Whatsapp on Android/Windows/iPhone/Blackberry Phones?

Getting started with WhatsApp on Android/Windows/iPhone/Blackberry Phones is a two-step process.

  • Installing WhatsApp mobile app
  • Verification of Phone Number

Installing Whatsapp App:

In order to use WhatsApp on android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad/iOs, and Blackberry ,You need to download Whatsapp messenger on your device.

Android Operating System: There are three ways of downloading and installing WhatsApp mobile application on your phone/tablet. The first option is downloading from google play store and the another option is downloading the same from your computer to your phone. I have discussed both the options in my previous article Whatsapp android free download.

Now that you have installed WhatsApp on your android phone. It is the time to verify your phone number. Please note that you can not use WhatsApp without phone verification. You must verify your phone number either by receiving a text message or by receiving a phone call.

Installing Whatsapp on Windows Phone

Let us see the how to download and install Whatsapp for windows phone here. Windows phones are manufactured under the model Lumia by Nokia or Microsoft. To download WhatsApp from your phone open, windows store. Search for WhatsApp and install on your device.

Installing Whatsapp on iPhone?

Let us see How to Use Whatsapp on iPhone/iPad/iOs devices. Downloading and installing Whatsapp on iPhone/iPad/iOS phones are same as we discussed in android version. However, the difference is the terminology used. We will download the app from iTunes store or from PC/laptop/computer. Please refer to one of my previous article 7 Easy Steps on How to Download Whatsapp for iPhone ? 

How to Use Whatsapp on Blackberry ?

To use Whatsapp on blackberry, you need to download the compatible file setup from official WhatsApp website. From your blackberry, mobile browser, visit

Alternatively, you can also download Whatsapp for blackberry from Blackberry World Too.

Steps to Verify Whatsapp Phone Number

Next, we need to verify the phone number. Please note that you can not verify a phone number that you do not own. You need to have an active internet connection, SMS plan. Please deactivate any call blocker service if any.

When you open the App, it will prompt for your phone number. Based on your device location, the country code may be automatically mapped. If not, select your country from the drop down. The country code will be prefixed automatically. All you need to do is just enter the 10 digit phone number. Now click “Next“. The 6 digit verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Once you receive the SMS, the app will automatically sense the code and it will open.

Now, you are done. You can start using WhatsApp. Your friends using WhatsApp will be automatically mapped under your contacts tab.

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How to Use Whatsapp on PC | Mac| Computer | Laptop ?

Now, let us discuss How to Use Whatsapp on PC | Computer | Laptop?. We are discussing using WhatsApp on a computer at last because one must have verified WhatsApp account to use WhatsApp on PC, Mac, Computer or laptop. This option is called WhatsApp the web. I hope you will have one WhatsApp account after reading my guide.

Steps to Use Whatsapp Web App

From your computer, visit You will get a website with a QR code. Now, open WhatsApp on your mobile  phone. In the menu bar, tap and select WhatsApp web. A scanner will open. Now, using your mobile scan the QR code on your computer screen. The WhatsApp web app version will automatically be loaded.

You can use WhatsApp the web like you are using WhatsApp on your mobile.

Now, we have come to the final stage. Hope, the information shared above helped you in using WhatsApp. If you have any feedback, please enter as your comments. If the article really helped you, please support us by sharing on social networks.

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