How to Make International Calls for Free?

Let us discuss How to Make International Calls for Free. There are multiple options available out there to place overseas calls without spending any money. After the wide use of internet on smartphones, the telecom industry has taken a shift towards VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services. In simple words, it is a technology that uses the internet to place phone calls.

What is VoIP Service?

VoIP full form is Voice Over Internet Protocol. The Voice details are transferred over the internet using an IP (Internet Protocol)  address. You must have the high-speed internet connection to use VoIP-based home phone service. Similar to traditional phone service, you will receive a phone number, a modem. You may need to purchase the phone device. If you have a wireless modem and a mobile application along with your connection, you can use the Wi-Fi feature to gain access to the internet on your portable device.

Requirements for Making Free Calls to International Numbers

You must have access to the following features for making international calls.

  1. Active internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi)
  2. Any portable smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry mobile)
  3. A mobile application to place a phone call.

Steps to Make Free International Calls

  1. Download any of the free VoIP application your phone. Please refer to the below section for the list of free VoIP applications.
  2. Verify your phone number by receiving a call or SMS.
  3. Register your details in the application.
  4. Open the application to place calls.

Note: Free calls may be available only on the apps that are offered for free and mentioned in this article.

Let us understand some technology like Wi-Fi, GPRS, 4G, Android and mobile operating system that is required to make international calls free of cost.

For example, let us discuss the app called Tango for example.  I chose this app because I had the doubt is tango free for international calls? If you download tango on your android, iPhone or any other phone, you will be able to use it after successful verification of your phone number.

You will not be charged for placing international calls via tango. Tango is also a VoIP app and you may be charged based on the data plan. You need not worry of the data is unlimited on your plan.

List of Mobile Applications That Allows To Place International Calls

You may use any one of these apps or all of the apps to place international calls as per your needs. There are few apps that support all platforms. They are called cross-platform apps. It is not guaranteed that all the apps will support all the devices. The list below may be the best in the class app because all these are free and has rated more than 4 in google play store. These apps may support android, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, blackberry, windows and Microsoft phones.


Name of the Mobile App
Developer Company Name
Name of the Mobile App2Developer Company Name3
WhatsCall – Free Global CallsWhatsCall – Free Global CallsmagicApp Calling & MessagingmagicJack VocalTec Ltd
International CallsNettiaCalls international Libon TipsDragon Eye Developer
OTO Free International Call
openvacsCheap Calls – IntCallTelestar Jiddler
Cheap international calls
International Calling NobelAppNobel Ltd.
Libon – International callsOrange ValléeMobile-netMobilenet
Cheap international callsNymgo SACall Recorder ProNK Advertising Media
BOSS Revolution – Cheap Calls
IDT GlobalJumblo – Mobile Sip callsJumblo – Mobile Sip calls
Comfi Free International Call
Free Calls & Text MessengerVoxofon
Yolla Free International CallsYolla Calls InternationalNCallsNCalls
OnMax International Calling
OnMax SolutionYourDialerDellmont Sarl
KeynanfoneKeynanfoneJustYap – International CallsReach Communication Inc.
Cheap International Call
Phone Call
BUALNeu Node
Fanytel – International CallsZeust Inc.A2ZA2Z
Free Phone Calls, Free Texting
Dingtone, Inc.Poivy Save on calling chargesPoivy Save on calling charges
iTalk Global Communications, Inc.
Bezecom – International CallsBezecom Fortis Communications Inc
NaloNalotelCheapest International CallsVaya
Talk Home AppNowtel International CallingRoamer – Goodbye Roaming!Roamer Labs Inc
MOREmins international calls
YeeCall free video call & chatYeeCall Network Limited
Incoming Number InfoNew OntologyCalling Card & Meeting DialRamit Girdhar
mene talk- International CallsQuiits Consulting LtdTagCalls – International CallsWebShutter
IntlPrefixGaston DASSIEU-BLANCHET RunoMaaii: Free Calls & MessagesMaaii Limited
imo free video calls and chat
RIPDialer GSM & VoIP DiallerRIPTec Ltd
Bluee Free International CallsAVT MobileVykeVyke Telecoms Ltd
StarT-High quality callingNETSTARSShaPlus Caller Info (India)ShaPlus Software
OCEANTELOCEANTELRinboo Premium Quality CallsIMC Telecom Inc.
WiMax New
Talkray – Free Chats & CallsTiKL Inc
Vonage Mobile Call Video TextVonageFreeJeFreeJe
BeckonAgora Lab, IncWorld PhoneNorwood Systems
emo plusFmTecAlloApp – Intl Calling & TopUpTelecom Oman (TeO)
TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting
TalkU International Inc.
SmileCallsSmileCalls & Sms
WePhone – free phone callsInnovation WorksINAANI TPINAANI TP
SmartVoip Call abroadFinareaCall MapAndroAtticus
Skype – free IM & video calls
VoipJumper Save moneyVoipJumper Save money
iVoip AppRizAppsMy Calls Trackerkapron-ap
Nimbuzz Messenger / Free CallsNimbuzz Netherlands BVSOS International CallMay & Mai
Data Usage – Call TimerTouchSpot MX6G PlusShare India
TU Talk
Teleunique Solutions Ltd
JusTalk – free video calls
Tango – Free Video Call & ChatTangoAdvanced Call Settingsvndnguyen
Hutch ConnectHutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) LtdCalliMAX – International CallsCalliMAX
Contact Number FormatterAngel Koh
Indome AppGet A CallLow Cost Roaming & Cheap CallsAJURA PTE LTD.
International Calling AndroidYoutubito.comEman TelecomEman Telecom
LINE: Free Calls & MessagesLINE CorporationDollarPhone Free & Cheap CallsDollarPhone
Cheap International CallsTringMe
OTO Global International CallsOTO Global International CallsSamtelSamTel
Original Voicewww.originalvoice.netHangouts Dialer – Call PhonesGoogle Inc.
Dial OnceSanath Kumar PasumarthyNubefone: Low-cost callsPeoplecall
Static PhoneStatic Phone
Call Global, Pay Local012GlobalInternational Calls Voipvoziphone
WiztonUniReach IncText Me – Free Texting & CallsTextMe Inc.
Vertex OEM DialerVertex Telecom, Inc.HELLO INDIA(KSA)humayun
HelloArabiaPlusAndroid KSA
MobileVOIP Cheap Voip CallsMobileVOIP Cheap Voip CallsiEvaphone: Free callscall2friends ltd
CheersTalkAppCheers Appcall Romania: cheap callsTotalcall International
Mobile recharge,00796(the pay)telecentrotextPlus: Free Text & CallstextPlus
Free Intenational Calls
WagTail Inc.
GlowTel–International CallingGlowTelLow-cost CallsMail.Ru Group
123 Free International CallBK(비케이)SOMA free video call and chatInstanza Interactive Limited
VoipCheap Cheap travel callsVoipCheap Cheap travel callsWeBeCallAlfa Tek LLC
Viber Media S.à r.l.
Frynga | save on phone billsFrynga | save on phone bills
Cloud SIM – Cheap Calls & TextCloud SIM LimitedVIPole Secure MessengerVIPole International LP
Easy Calling CardandCodersWizzyTalkWizzy Talk
CallNowVoIP-it Lda.TextMe Up Free Calling & TextsTextMe Up Free Calling & Texts
Block International Calls IN
Vasa Pvt Ltd
MEB Talk 3Web Host MyanmarVoca – Cheap Calls & MessagingVoca Communications AB
PicCell AppPicCell WirelessCustom CallBluewind Solution
PrimoPrimo.meLingLing-China Free Int’l CallSSTrade
Pronto Communications
UtterU- International CallWalkover Web Solutions Ltd.callFrodo-Free HD video callsVoIPSolutions Holding AS
Telos Free Phone Number & CallTelos Second Phone Number CorpIGW CALL (Itel) Mobile DialerIgw Telecom Ltd
WinkfoneWink Technologies LimitedFREE Video Calls and ChatDroid Apps Plaza
UppTalk WiFi Calling & Texting
UppTalk s.l.
LS Calling Cards (Phone Cards)LSmobileWiCall : VoIP call, Wifi callZenitalk VOIP, call with us
PoloTonePoloToneCall RecorderSmartAppsSolutions
EZDial : Cheap calls WorldwideCallinGoFantasy CallMr Manik
Free Internet Australia
Genidox Apps
HiHi Technology, Inc.
rtc.itelRocket TelecomCall Stats & caller IDmovin’App
Phone call recorderRayan DvPHONE for Google Voice & GTalkMo+
Xtravoip DialerXtravoip DialerVoipflix – Cheap CallsVoipflix
kill roaming with Roamasideroaming free team
007VoIP Cheap VoIP calls007VoIP.comCelDialerCelDialer
VoIP LC Mobile CallerVoipLCRuVoIP-Cheap calls and SMS.RuVoIP
MyDialerMyDialerFreeTone Free Calls & TextingFreeTone Free Calls & Texting
Gratis – Messaging and Calls
Gratis LabsVideo Call Apps Informationzibuka
Video facetime for androidKTC CCPRounds Free Video Chat & CallsRounds Entertainment Ltd.


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