How to find the IP address of a Website?

In this article, you will learn how to How to find the IP address of a website? IP Address means Internet Protocol address. In general, we type the URL of any website in the address bar to view. However, the URL is in turn mapped to a particular IP address. This is called the IP address of the website.

For example, lets us take Google as an example. We will always type the URL and not the IP address. This is because it is easy to remember a character or a word rather than remembering a number.


You can also directly type the website IP address in the address bar instead of URL.

IP Address:

As I have already mentioned, it is very difficult to remember the IP address we are using the URL of a website. The question is, if you need to IP address of a website, how can you find out?

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Different Ways to Find The IP Address of a Website

There are several ways to find the IP address of a website. The most common way is using the CMD or command prompt in windows operating system. You may also use ping operation in mac OS. The other option is to use online website tools to find the IP address of a website.

  • If you are a programmer, you can write a program to find ip address of a website in java. You ay also write the code to get ip address of website in javascript

Steps to find IP address of website using “CMD” or “command” prompt in windows operating system

  • Click on the windows logo or start button of your computer.
  • In the search box, type “CMD” and hit “Enter”
  • A small black window will open.
  • Type the command ping and hit “Enter”
  • The numerical value displayed is the IP address of the website.
Find the IP Address of a Website
Find the IP Address of a Website

Find IP address of a website using online website tools:

  • Visit or any other online website tool you are familiar with.
  •  Enter the name of the website and click submit button.
  • The IP address of a website and any other related information will be displayed.
Note: There may be more than one address of a website. This is based on the number of servers available for a particular website. You can ping any IP address that is produced while checking the IP address.
I also found the video tutorial by a youtube channel “TheBeginnerGuy“. This video was simple and clear. Hope, you can watch it and enjoy.

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