How to Change Mobile Number in Gmail Without Login?

Are you looking for an option to change mobile number in Gmail without logging on to account? Logically, it is impossible to change phone number without accessing the account. If there is one such option, anyone can access any account. The privacy of the account owner will be at risk. However, there are exceptional scenarios where you must gain access to your Gmail account.

Exceptional Situations To Change Mobile Number in Gmail Without Login

One such situation is when your Gmail account is hacked. The hacker would have changed the phone number, password and other personal/security/verification questions. In this situation, the account owner will look for how to change my phone number. You very well know that cell phone number is required for receiving OTP (One Time Password).

Another situation is when the email address owner forgot the security questions and has no access to the registered contact number. In both the scenarios the email address owner can not login to the account to make any changes. The only option is to create a new email account and change email address in all other services.

It is also possible that the user account is locked. In this case, the option to unlock the account depends on the reason why the account was locked out. Respectively, it may take 1 minute to 24 hours to have the account unlocked. A best example of such activity is spamming by bulk email option.

Possible Solutions to View Password for Gmail Account

If you have forgotten your password, you can try to reset the password using the reset password option. To keep your password without any changes, you can try to view password in your web browser. You can refer to the settings page of the browser. For this feature, you should have saved the password on the web browser cache at least one time.

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Except the third option, former two situations quoted above are genuine. However, the account owners do not have any option to prove that they are the legitimate. If so what should we do in such scenarios? Have you ever faced similar problem? If so how did you manage changing mobile number? Is there any way to change Gmail number? Were you able to gain access to the account? Share your experience as comments in the post below.

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