How To Bypass Whatsapp Verification ?

How To Bypass Whatsapp Verification after installing WhatsApp?

Whenever you install or reinstall Whatsapp, you must verify the phone number.

One can not bypass WhatsApp SMS verification. If WhatsApp cannot verify phone number via SMS, you can initiate a callback, you will receive Whatsapp verification call.

If you are looking for a solution for the question “how to install WhatsApp without verification code“, please stop searching for it as there is no such option.

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How to bypass whatsapp verification

There are alternative ways to verify, but you can not skip Whatsapp verification process.

If at all you are having some technical issues like, your phone display does not work, your SMS does not work on a handset or any other issue, you can install WhatsApp using a wifi connection and inserting the SIM card on any other phone. Anyway, you will receive the verification code. You can manually enter and start using it.

Once WhatsApp is installed, you do not need the registered phone number to place or receive calls. It is ok if you have an active internet connection.

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