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5 Best Free Mobile Friendly Test Tools for Mobile SEO

5 Best Free Mobile Friendly Test Tools for Mobile SEO

In the month of April 2015, I received an email from Google Webmaster team that Mobile Friendliness is now a mobile platform ranking signal for google search engine algorithm. The email also had the detailed explanation of why Mobile friendly websites is the new ranking factor. If you are looking for Creating Mobile friendly websites that is free and SEO friendly, is one of the best mobile friendly CMS (Content Management System)…. Read Article →

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post Wordpress Plugin

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

This is the guide to Drive traffic to your blog using Revive Old Post social network auto poster WordPress Plugin. The site traffic will increase to a decent extent as the old blog posts are kept alive in social networks by auto tweet and auto post feature. Once this plugin is installed, you do not need to worry about sharing your content on social media to receive internet traffic. The… Read Article →

How to add Google Custom Search Engine to Website

How to add Google Custom Search Engine to WordPress?

Guide to add Google Custom Search Engine to wordpress Website. My tech blog Appnol had the default google’s search engine that came along with wordpress template. In order to monetize my site with Google Adsense for search, Adding google custom search engine (Google CSE) to website was very difficult (I am new to word press and switched from Blogger recently). I did several trail and errors method to implement the… Read Article →

SEO Chat Forum Appnol

SEO Chat Forum Review and Steps to Signup

What is SEO Chat Forum? SEO Chat Forum is a free  forum for Search Engine Optimization beginners. You get unlimited access to the like minded people who are experts in SEO. It also provides free SEO tools like seo chat tool, seo discussion forum. It will will help you to increase your website or blog presence in internet. Credibility of SEO Chat Forums SEO Chat Forums is a trusted source… Read Article →

How to Get Traffic Travis Verification Code

How to Get Traffic Travis Registration Code ?

I have discussed about how to get Traffic Travis Registration Code after installing the software. Traffic Travis SEO is a free to try tool that is must for every blogger who tries to improve the presence of his website in internet. If you are new to the world of blogging and looking for a tool to perform SEO, then Traffic Travis is the  right tool to get started. You can… Read Article →

How to Download Traffic Travis – SEO Tutorials for Beginners

Traffic Travis is one of the tool which is must for any blogger who prefers to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for his blog. Even though, it is a paid tool, you can Download Traffic Travis and start using the tool with restricted access. The interesting fact for bloggers who are beginners is you can do a lot with the free edition. In initial days, you can play with Traffic… Read Article →

Use Wikipedia as Keyword Research SEO Tool

3 Steps to Use Wikipedia as Keyword Research SEO Tool

Keyword Research SEO Tool is available in plenty on the Internet. Many of them are free and few of them are paid tools. Even though, paid keyword research seo tools (word tracker, spy and Semrush) are very effective and worth spending money, not every webmaster can offer to use the paid keyword research and analysis tools. This article will help you to use Wikipedia as SEO Keyword Research Tool for… Read Article →