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How Google Web Crawler Indexes Your Blog Posts or Website?

Whenever you update a post, it will not be available in Google database for search immediately. Google will need to crawl your blog with the help of its robot and index the article. From the day one, your blog or website is created, Google robot will crawl your website every day to check whether any updates are available. How Google Web Crawler Indexes Your blog posts or website? Before your… Read Article →


List of YouTube Censored Countries

I have already shared the information about YouTube in one of my earlier article. Due to censorship on the internet in few countries, the services like YouTube are blocked. Even though, YouTube is the third most-visited website, the censorship of YouTube is strictly implemented. This list is not blocked YouTube site completely. Only a few section or places like school and other videos that are creating political issues are being blocked. Read: Monetize My Youtube Videos List of YouTube Censored Countries:… Read Article →

to create youtube account with or without Gmail account

What is YouTube ?

What is YouTube ? YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming site. It provides the option for the registered user to upload, edit and view videos online. Even though it does not provide the option to download videos as per its terms of service, the user can download their own videos under the Video manager section. However, there are third party Software and mobile App that can help us… Read Article →

Fun Things with Youtube

Fun Things with Website Search

YouTube is an online video sharing site which helps you to view online streaming videos. I was performing a keyword research on Google Adwords planner tool to write an article about YouTube. While performing the keyword research, I found a funny information in the Keyword research tool. Read:  Top Google Products and Services That We Don’t Know or Not Familiar to Us Fun things with website search  The website… Read Article →

to create youtube account with or without Gmail account

Online Video Upload Websites Like Youtube

Websites Like Youtube and Vimeo are giant in video search engine. It is the leader in video sharing websites. However, Video websites other than youtube are available online. At this time, I need to admit that I was not aware of any other video streaming sites like YouTube until it was blocked in my office. This made me write an article on this topic. List of Online Video Sharing Websites Like YouTube The list of sites… Read Article →

How to download youtube videos in mp3 format online?

In this article, let us see how to download videos from YouTube to mp3. It may not really make sense when YouTube videos are converted to .mp3 format as we  love to watch mp4 format instead of mp3. However, at times we would love to know about something and we will be busy in doing some other work. In this scenario, we can download videos from to mp3 and listen to it. We can… Read Article →

How to download youtube videos online on your Android mobile or ipad?

YouTube is an online streaming website and a great place for video collections. As per terms and conditions of YouTube or Google, we should never download those videos. Hence, there are no legal or authorized application in the android market or Google play store for downloading  YouTube videos. Even though we love to watch the video by live streaming, our data is consumed every time we watch those. Hence, I have shared a workaround to… Read Article →