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My Personal Experience in Blogging and Adsense From

My Blogging Experience: Adsense From Hobby to Career

Hi blogger, in this session, I am going to share my blogging experience in blogging and Adsense. I will be covering all my experiences that may help you, inspire you and grow in your blogging career. I have also shared how I took blogging as a hobby and took it as a career. In earlier times, there were no examples of blogging for money. Lots of people are not aware… Read Article →

Check Google Adsense Earnings

Check Google Adsense Earnings on Your Mobile

In this section, let us discuss how to check google adsense earnings on your mobile. We will be covering all ways of checking the adsense revenue. We can check the earnings using Google Adsense mobile app, Open a mobile browser and access mobile site and the desktop version. We will also learn about checking the youtube earnings if your account is associated to youtube partner program. It is also called… Read Article →

How to Check YouTube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click

How to Check Youtube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click?

I decided to write on How to Check Youtube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click after my personal experience. I have been an active Youtube Partner in recent times. Once I started receiving more clicks on my Adsense report, I was surprised (little afraid too) that no estimated revenue was reported. There was no change in the estimated youtube revenue. I was little afraid because I may be a victim… Read Article →

How to Monetize Youtube Video Automatically Using Default Upload

Are you a member of youtube partner program? Do you know that you can upload the youtube videos and monetize them automatically for each channel? If you are wondering why am I asking this question, I too was not aware of this option until i reached 100 videos on my youtube channel. Generally, I use youtube mobile app to upload videos. This might be one of the reasons why it took this… Read Article →

Google Adsense Official Blog

How Many Blogger Blogs I Can Link with Single Adsense Account ?

If you are new to blogging and wondering how many sites or blog I can own and run Google ads on, this article will provide you the clear picture of it. Without wasting much of your time, I would like to tell you that there is no restriction on using Google Adsense on multiple sites or blogs. You can own “n” number of sites and place Google Ads. However, the… Read Article →

35 Terms Related to Google Adsense for Publishers for Bloggers

35 Terms Related to Google Adsense for Publishers that Every Bloggers Must Know

If you are a blogger and running Google Adsense for Publishers on your website, you must know the definitions of the below-mentioned terms. Google Adsense is the best monetizing option for any blogger or pro blogger. When you run AdSense on your blog, it is our responsibility to understand the terms used on the business front that is related to advertisement program. What is Google Adsense for Publishers ? Google… Read Article →