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My Personal Experience in Blogging and Adsense From

My Blogging Experience: Adsense From Hobby to Career

Hi blogger, in this session, I am going to share my blogging experience in blogging and Adsense. I will be covering all my experiences that may help you, inspire you and grow in your blogging career. I have also shared how I took blogging as a hobby and took it as a career. In earlier times, there were no examples of blogging for money. Lots of people are not aware… Read Article →

How to Check YouTube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click

How to Check Youtube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click?

I decided to write on How to Check Youtube Earnings in Adsense on a Single Click after my personal experience. I have been an active Youtube Partner in recent times. Once I started receiving more clicks on my Adsense report, I was surprised (little afraid too) that no estimated revenue was reported. There was no change in the estimated youtube revenue. I was little afraid because I may be a victim… Read Article →

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post Wordpress Plugin

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

This is the guide to Drive traffic to your blog using Revive Old Post social network auto poster WordPress Plugin. The site traffic will increase to a decent extent as the old blog posts are kept alive in social networks by auto tweet and auto post feature. Once this plugin is installed, you do not need to worry about sharing your content on social media to receive internet traffic. The… Read Article →

How Can I Get Adsense Account Approved without Spending Money ?

Google provides the opportunity for publishers to sell ads on their sites and helps them to make money. Especially, there are several professional bloggers who makes decent money by blogging and partnering with Google Advertisement programs. If you prefer to know the bloggers from India who are trend setters, I suggest you to visit the comprehensive list prepared by Mr.Amit Agarwal. It is known as Best Indian Bloggers. I would… Read Article →

IP Address of a website

How to find the IP address of a Website?

In this article, you will learn how to How to find the IP address of a website? IP Address means Internet Protocol address. In general, we type the URL of any website in the address bar to view. However, the URL is in turn mapped to a particular IP address. This is called the IP address of the website. For example, lets us take Google as an example. We will always type the… Read Article →