How Can I Search An Image on Google ?

What is Search by images or Google Reverse Image Search?

How Can I Search An Image on Google? Reverse Searches by images is one of the free services by Google. Reverse image search is not familiar as lots of people are not aware how effective they are. The services like Bing image search, Facebook image search are very famous services apart from Google search by image.

At this time, the facility is available only on the internet browsers used on your computer, PC, and laptop. You will not be able to search by image on mobile devices like android or iPhone. However, you can use the mobile browser and execute the same action.

There are several image hosting, image search engine services available out there. You can upload image and search image. The tool will look into the picture gallery and display the related images.

How to Google Image Search?

Before me taking you through the steps, let us see what Peter Linsley from google says about a presentation on Google Image Search.

Google does provide 3 ways to do an image search. However, the basic rule is you need to upload an image to Google server. The three types of image search are:

  1. Uploading an image from your computer or local drive by browsing the file location.
  2. Upload image by URL
  3. Drag and drop the image
  4. Search by Image directly from the Internet

How To Do An Image Search Using Upload Image from Your Computer or Local Drive?

  1. Visit Google Image Search website
  2. Click on “Camera icon”
  3. Select “Upload an image”
  4. Browse and “Choose File”
  5. Select the path and upload image.

How To Do an Image Search Using URL of an Image?

  1. Visit Google Image Search website
  2. Click on “Camera icon”
  3. Click “Paste image URL”
  4. Paste the URL of the image and click on an image.
  5. The similar results will come on screen.

Steps to Perform An Picture Search using Drag and Drop Photo ?

  1. Visit Google Image Search website
  2. Click on “Camera icon”
  3. Click on any image and drag it to the tab of Google Search by Image page and drop it.
  4. The image will be uploaded.
The results will be displayed that are similar to the image uploaded.

Searching Images Online without Uploading

  1. Visit any web page and right click on any image.
  2. Select the option “Search Google for this image”
  3. The results will be displayed

Can I Remove My Images From Google Database?

Yes, you can remove the images you have uploaded to google database. There is more than one way to do it. The simple way is to remove the image from your CMS (Content Management System). Once removed, the image will not be included in google database when the bot crawls next time.

Watch the video below published by Webmaster Youtube Channel about Removing Images from Google:

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