How Can I Get Adsense Account Approved without Spending Money ?

Google provides the opportunity for publishers to sell ads on their sites and helps them to make money. Especially, there are several professional bloggers who makes decent money by blogging and partnering with Google Advertisement programs. If you prefer to know the bloggers from India who are trend setters, I suggest you to visit the comprehensive list prepared by Mr.Amit Agarwal. It is known as Best Indian Bloggers. I would like to thank the founder of Best Indian Bloggers who will connect all bloggers in a single place.

Let me come to the real topic of this post. The question is how can i get Adsense Account Approved for your site or blog?

The beauty is, Google offers the Adsense program for free. You do not need to spend a single penny to become the part of Google Adsense program.In this article, you will earn about how to get your Adsense account approved using blogger blog and customized URL without spending any money.

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How Can I Get Adsense Account Approved ?

If you are really serious about making money using Google Adsense program, I suggest you to invest around Rs.500 to Rs.1000 in learning the details about Google Adsense. Of course, investing money in learning about the business you are in is the correct business man attitude. Amazon offers variety of books in this range.

How to Activate Google Adsense Account with Blogger Blog?

You can apply for Google Adsense with Blogger blog if you have a blogger account with a original content and more than six months old. There are several reasons why your adsense application not approved. However, there is only one reason why your Adsense account must be approved is that it must abide to their Terms of Service.
  • Create an account with Blogger using your Google account.
  • Create a blog and start blogging with your favorite niche for minimum of six months.
  • After six months, go to Earnings tab in your blog and apply for Adsense program.
  • Once your site is reviewed by the Google Adsense professionals, your request will be processed and you can display Google Ads on any site where you have access to HTML.

Apply for Adsense with Blogger blog
Learn how to get your Adsense account approved using blogger blog.
how to approve adsense account with blogger

Apply for Google Adsense with Your Own or Customized Domain.

If you do not prefer to apply for Adsense program via hosted sites like Blogger, you can apply if you have your own website with a valid registered domain. All you need to do with applying for Google Adsense is visit the Adsense Application pageand submit the application with your customized domain name

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