Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email ?

In this article, you will learn is it possible to receive whatsapp verification code via Email, different modes for receiving Whatsapp verification code, the reason for not receiving a whatapp verification code to your email is that it is sent to your WhatsApp number only.

In order to use Whatsapp, you should have installed the app, the phone number must be verified and you must be connected to an active internet connection. You might be able to verify WhatsApp account without SIM. However, the thumb rule is, you must be able to get verification text to your inbox.

Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email
Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email

Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email ?

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No. You can not obtain Whatsapp verification code to your email address. The verification code may be sent to your mobile inbox as a text message or you can request call back option. But, you will not be able to receive the verification code to an E-mail address. The reason for not receiving a verification code to email is very simple! Whatsapp is not an email service provider. As it is phone social networking service, it uses the mobile number as a unique identifier. Hence, in the best interest of WhatsApp users and to avoid spamming the validation code will be sent only to a mobile number.

What are the Ways to Verify Whatsapp Account ?

The validation can be done via text message or voice call. You will get maximum of three attempts to validate your account. For each attempt, it will take up to 10 minutes to receive the authentication code. If you fail to validate via text message, you can initiate a call back by clicking on the option call me back. If you are still not receiving the validation code, continue to read the post below.

Why Am I Not Receiving Whatsapp Verification Code ?

As mentioned earlier, you must receive the validation text within 10 minutes of requesting. If you receive a callback, the process must be instant. If validation code did not reach you, then please check out the following details:

  1. Disable the roaming option if you are in native location and vice versa.
  2. Have you enabled call blocking feature?
  3. Is the phone incoming calls barred?
  4. Make sure you are having active SMS receiving capability.

In the extremely rare situation, you need to send an email to Whatsapp team by going to Menu > Contact support. All you need to do is just add a description of the troubleshooting steps you have taken to ensure you have done to can get a call or SMS. Also include, other related information like Have you received your SMS? What mobile number did you use etc?

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29 Thoughts to “Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code via Email ?”

  1. thank you for your follow up

    1. babacarr

      i am babacarr from Gambia i just wanna use whatsapp but i cannot received a verify code

      1. @babacarr you can receive whatsapp verification code to your mobile number. It will be great if you could provide us detailed description. In the mean time, ensure the answers for the questions mentioned below are yes:

        – Are you using the same number on your phone?
        – Are you able to receive SMS from your friends and family?
        – Do you have internet connection.

  2. rinku

    I have lost my sim, please tell how
    to access my whatsapp account without code

    1. Dear Rinku….

      Even your sim is lost, you can use WhatsApp on the same phone with different number or no number. You need to have access to Internet via any source like 3g, 4g, WiFi or hot-spot.

    2. Emmi gurung

      +91 78727 05504 this is my whatsapp no that I m using from before. but I lost this sim. So I want verification code to open it. Can you plz help me to get code?

      1. You will not be able to verify the number without phone number. Please get the same number again or install with a different phone number.

  3. Yeka Roni

    Mobile network is not available in my location for over a week now, please help me in how to get my whatsapp verification code

    1. Dear Yeka Roni,

      It is mandatory to have a network connection to verify your WhatsApp number. Later it may not be required as you can use other sources like WiFi connection and more.

      The possible options are:

      1. Travel to a place where you can gain access to your mobile network. Verify the phone number and start using you WhatsApp phone number.

      2. Try to setup call forwarding on your WhatsApp number. Set the call forwarding such that forward all calls. You should have access to your destination number.

      Now request to receive verification call. The call to your WhatsApp number will be forwarded to your temporary phone number. Note down the verification code and enter the number manually.

      Note: Your WhatsApp number must be connected to Internet.

      Hope this helps.

  4. I am saudi arabia ..i am using India number 917795884702 here no network so plzz send me verification code to this email …

    1. It is impossible to send verification code to email bro. You can get it only as SMS when you have network access. You can download and install WhatsApp with Saudi Arabia phone number. You will be able be in touch with your family and friends.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Mohd arif khan

    My number is not available in network plz send me number on email my id is number is 918872965178

  6. Jordin Adator Bernice

    Please am from Ghana but right now in Saudi Arabia. And my sims always on emergency calls only. So please I cant receive verification code. Numbers are +233507593262. And +233262386105

  7. WhatsApp verification code

    How can I Receive
    I have lost my sim, ±966563813389. please tell how
    to access my whatsapp number verification code. In email

  8. nishchal

    i lost my sim 8197583981 plz send this code number to email

  9. Salman

    Hi i am from bahrain
    I have lost my phone i am trying to activate my whats aap account+97339487947
    And my sim is blocked so can u send the verificstion code to this email

  10. kelisha bailey

    plz send my code to my email ,i cant find my chip
    my numba is 8470106

  11. kelisha bailey

    i need my ap code

  12. MIllos

    you can us ethat website with free phone numbers

  13. Amandeep

    I have lose my what app code plz send me code plz help

  14. Ashiwini jha

    Sir, my whats app verification code is not received my mobile number. Please send whats app verification code my email id. Please sir send fast, please

  15. 8733020942 my sim is lost plese send me code

    1. @ParmarYashwant, if you have lost your SIM, it is suggested to lock the SIM by calling your network service provider. Apply for a new SIM card with the same number. You will not be able to receive the Whatsapp verification code without SIM card.

      Hope this helps.

  16. Roshan

    My sim is lost please send me cod 8769329381

  17. Alec

    my phone cannot receive texts or calls and i cleared my whatsapp data is setting and i a trying to log in back but i need a new verification code but i cannot receive it as my phone isn’t connected to my service provider.
    can i get a code an alternate way please

  18. Ravikumar

    I lost my sim and my number is 7094603547…plzz send me code to

  19. Dinson K M

    +91 8281024992 this is my whatsapp no that I m using from before. but I lost this sim. So I want verification code to open it. Can you plz help me to get code?

  20. dharmarajbbm

    Dear sir
    My mobile number has been bard (9677382412)pls give the WhatsApp verify code in my mail pls send immediately sir

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