Does Whatsapp Use Alot of Data?

Does Whatsapp use alot of data is valid question that must arise in the mind of every whatsapp users. Even though, we will not be able to determine whether the data used is alot or less, I have shared the details about data consumption for using this app.

Does WhatsApp Use Data in Background?

Using data in background is when you are not using the app. The App may try to check the new messages status every time. Similar to Facebook, Twitter, hike, Google+ and social media apps, whatsapp also runs in the background. However, the data consumption will be very low. If you have enabled the option to download media automatically, then the data usage will be very high.

Does Whatsapp Use Alot of Data
Does Whatsapp Use Alot of Data

Does Whatsapp Use Data or Airtime?

Whatsapp uses your mobile data and not your air time. However, if your data plan is limited, you may incur overage charges for exceeding data limit. If it is unlimited data plan, you needn’t worry. It is always better to check with your Internet Service Provider regarding your data plan.

For those who are familiar with mobile network and VoIP mobile applications, it is an easy question to understand. However, if you are not familiar with this technology, it will be a confusion. Whatsapp only needs your phone number to register with them. Post registering with whatsapp, it only needs data connection to send and receive messages. You can even have the SIM card removed from your phone and connect to internet to use whatsapp.

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How Much Data Does Whatsapp Use in a Month?

As the data usage varies based on the file size, we  will not be able to calculate the data usage in the starting of the month. However, you can check how much data is used for the past month or till data on your smartphone under the data usage section.

Menu --> Setttings --> Data Usage --> Whatsapp.


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