Get Personalized Google Doodle on Your Birthday from Google.

Personalized Google Doodle will wish you a happy birthday on your birthday. As we know Google has made their existence in all fields. However, when we think about a corporate is working on few simple but worth a lot ideas, it really makes us to wonder how much reality ideas they have to entertain, celebrate and appreciate the people. The idea of Google user’s birthday doodle is one such creative idea.

What is Personalized Google Doodle?

The Google Doodle is an personalized version of the Google logo. Google Doodles represents special events like like holidays, anniversaries, or current events. Few of the doodles were limited to Google’s country specific home pages while others appeared globally.
Google is already prepared to cerebrate your birthday by specially designing a personalized Doodle. If you have already updated your birth date on your +Google+ Plus profile, you are already in the database of Google for free Doodle on your birth day. If you have not updated the Date of Birth information, all you need to do is just log on to your +Google+ page and update the information.

Personalized Google Birthday Doodle

Personalized Google Doodle

Personalized Google Doodle
If this is done, you are all set to receive the special doodle on your birthday. When you visit and signed in to Google account on your birthday, the special birthday doodle will be displayed.
All it needs is a Google account and 30 seconds of your time to set up. It works on all desktop browsers, Android and iPhone devices.
Quick steps to update your birthday information and to receive to receive personalized Doodle on your birthday:
  • Log on to Google Plus from the link
  • Click on the drop down menu at the left side of the window.
  • Select the Profile tab.
  • Click on About page
  • Navigate to Basic Information section
  • Click on Edit link available at the bottom of the link.
  • Update the birth date.
Now, you are done. When you visit Google website and login to your Google account, your special Doodle will be displayed.

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