What is BTS 4G | Base Transceiver Station 4G

BTS 4G means Base Transceiver Station 4G. It is the latest technology used in a mobile network connection. Earlier it was BTS 3G and now it is BTS 4G. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited launched recently is the example of BTS 4G network. In this mobile technology, the voice quality, data transfer speed are at high speed. videos can load without buffering.

It supports LTE and WiMAX radio standards. It comes with built-in GPS system. BTS 4G will be one of the widely used technologies in mobile communication.

Companies Providing Services with BTS 4G Are

  • Ericcson BTS 4G
  • Samsung BTS 4G
  • Reliance BTS 4G

Watch the Video about BTS 4G

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