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About Appnol

App-nol is a how-to guide for mobile apps download, mobile app ideas related to Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. It is an organization owned by Amudhakumar. He is the only employee and writes the articles that are purely written word by word in his own style.

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What is The Meaning of The Word App-nol? Mobile App Ideas

App-nol can be split as APP + NOL. App meaning smartphone and web apps. Nol means addiction. Hence, App-nol means addiction to Apps. App-nol was founded to have mobile app ideas related to android, ios, windows and blackberry. The meaning of Nol was derived from the nomenclature of Alcohol. As alcohol is an addiction to many people, I have finally decided to build the brand as App-nol.

How The Domain Appnol Was Chosen?

The word Appnol was not discovered overnight. It took three months to confirm the domain name and launch it. Initially, when I was looking for a domain name, I tried all possible names. However, I had three conditions in my mind:

  • Easy to spell and remember like Google, Twitter, and Amazon.
  • It must be unique and convey the meaning of my blog.
  • It must meet the SEO requirements.

Based on these three conditions, I started looking for a domain name. The three months which I took to find the domain name, I would say the journey was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Whenever I see a name on board in the road, I always think about will this name suit my blog. I also tried the permutation and combination of all the words I see every day. However, no name was convincing to me.

Finally, it was App-nol that I loved based the three conditions. It was launched on “December 06, 2014

Appnol Logo

Appnol_logo mobile app ideas
Appnol_logo mobile app ideas


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