12 Awesome Reliance Jio Apps Review – All You Need to Know


Reliance Jio Apps Review exclusive post that includes the comparison of similar mobile apps already available in the market. The list of jio’s mobile applications reviewed are: MyJio, JioChat, JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMagsJioExpressNewsJioDrive, Jio Security, JioSwitch, AJIO, and JioJoin or Jio4GVoice.

Even though Relaince jio was founded on 2010, it was officially launched the service operation in India on 27 December 2015 marking the birth 83rd birth anniversary of late Thirubani Ambani. The commercial operation started oSeptemberer 5, 2016.

The set of reliance jio apps were launched in May 2016 as beta version. However, these apps are available for android and iOS only. It is not available for windows, blackberry, and other mobile operating systems.

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Let us take a look at few analytics and statistics report from the day of launching the service in India.

  • Reliance Jio ranked 6th in India for data consumption even before it’s Commercial Launch – Indian Express
  • Reliance Jio’s My Jio App crossed 15 Million Downloads from Google Play Store. – Firstpost
  • Jio apps pip WhatsApp, Facebook on Google Play – Economic Times

While MyJio has seen 10 million downloads, all other apps have crossed the one million downloads mark.

                                      – Economic Times

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What Are the List of Jio Apps?

For your reference, I have provided below the list of jio apps that are live.


MyJio apps acts as the gateway app for all other jio apps offered by reliance jio Infocomm Ltd. It has crossed more than 10 million downloads from the google play store.

It is available for download on both Android and iOS mobiles. You may also download the MyJio app apk from the internet. This application will give you the option to check the validity, balance.

You can use google to search my jio apps apk free download for windows phone. However, the official jio app for windows mobile is yet to be released.

Similarly, we can not download and install my jio app for pc as it is designed for andorid and iOS mobile platform.

In order to get the best out of jio join apps, you can login or skip the option that is requested while opening the app. If you are having old version, you can always open your Google play store or iTunes store to update it.

You can perform the following with the help of myjio applications:

  1. Manage multiple jio accounts in one place.
  2. Find the nearest jio store using the store locator feature.
  3. Identifies the various JioNet hotspot locations.
  4. Check the daily and weekly consumption of voice, data and SMS details.
  5. It allows downloading account statements up to six months.
  6. Finally, if you have raised any query, you can track the status of the query using MyJio Application.

Jio Chat App

Reliance Jio Chat app is yet another instant messaging platform like Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Viber, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.  Jio Chat App gives access to free Voice and Video calling, SMS, and much more in a single application. It also helps us to chat one-to-one or in groups with emoticons, stickers, pictures and video share. It gives better voice quality than PSTN lines and other VoIP Apps. This application is available for download in Android and iOS devices right now. JioChat for windows phone is in developing stage and it will be live very soon. Jio guarantees high-quality video conferencing. The Jiochat apk file can be downloaded from the internet.

To summarize jio chat app, you can instantly connect with friends, family members, and brands using Jio Chat.

Reliance jiochat app review
Reliance jiochat app review
  1. Connects with up to 5 users in JioChat via audio and video calls.
  2. Allows you to personalize your chat using emoticons, stickers, pictures and share videos.
  3. Share files of any format, up to 100MB. Create a group of up to 500 members.

Jio Play Live TV (JioTV)

Jio Play Live App TV is a live TV Application. The initial or old name of Jio play live TV app was Jio Play App. Later it was renamed as Jio TV. You can watch live cricket on star sports and other sports channel. You can play and pause your channels. It helps is not to miss any live TV programs. It is available for android and iOS phones and tablets as of now. The JioPlay app for windows phone will be launched soon as per the information provided on the official website of reliance jio Infocomm Ltd. There are 300 Plus TV channels available across multiple languages. It is not available for JioPlay or Windows 7.

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Reliance jioplay app review
Reliance jioplay app review
  1. Search: One of the unique features about JioPlay is unlike traditional TV, you can pause the program and watch it later.  You can watch the missed program for up to 7 days in the past.
  2. Share: We do have the option to share our favorite program on social media sites. The programs are available in English, Hindi, and all the regional languages.
  3. Set Reminder:  Schedule a reminder on your favorite TV program so that you do not miss the upcoming program.
  4. Zero Disturbance: Using Lock your screen option, the program can be enjoyed without any disturbance.

Jio On Demand

Jio On Demand App is also known as JioCinema and it is purely related to cinema. The news, trailer, Indian Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos without buffering. Add any movie or TV show to your watch list. Watch it, later on, any device.

Reliance jioondeand app review
Reliance jioondeand app review

Jio Beats | Jio Music App

Jio Beats App is a music app from reliance jio (Jio Music App). Jio beats download is available for android and iOS mobiles and tablets. You can install it from jio music download location on your mobile model. The software comes with the default or built-in jio music player. The App for windows OS is yet to be launched. Listen to or download your favorite songs over 20 Languages in high-quality multiple genres, moods, artists, and languages.

Reliance jiobeats app review
Reliance jiobeats app review
  1. The smart JioBeats app analyses your taste based on the type of music you listen and becomes easily customized.
  2. The app gives us the best experience by allowing us to create our own personalized playlist based on artists, moods, and genres.
  3. Radio: Listening to the radio is made easy with high quality.
  4. Theme: Based on your interest, you can customize your theme. 

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JioMags App is a collection of magazines in different languages. It can also be considered as a digital library. It is available for iPhone, iOS tabs, and android phones. The option to use it in windows OS is yet to be released. It offers the best reading experience. However, I am not exactly sure about the difference in experience with respect to Kindle.

Reliance jiomags app review
Reliance jiomags app review
  1. Using the powerful search feature, you can filter the magazines by language based on your topics of interest.
  2. Read Text Offline: The JioMags allows you to select a text and it will automatically read it for you even of you are offline.
  3. Sync Magazines Across All Devices
  4. Receive notifications on your favourite title.

Jio Express News

JioExpressNews App helps you to stay ahead of the news. The application delivers the information suddenly as it happens. Also available for phones and tabs with Android and iOS. It is under construction for Windows mobile operating system.

Reliance jioexpressnews app review
Reliance jioexpressnews app review
  1. Offline Access: Read articles offline using the express mode in Jio Express-News application.
  2. Schedule: You can schedule up to 3 times a day to receive the news at your favorite time.
  3. Save: It allows you to save articles to your hard disk.


JioDrive application is your virtual drive Google Drive or DropBox. It allows you to store your selfies, assignments, photos, documents, songs & stories with the files of any type and size. It supports android and ios operating system. App for Windows Phones and tablets will be launched very soon.

jiodrive application
jiodrive application
  1. Access Files from TV: You can access files from any device and from your TV too.
  2. Auto Backup: Just enable the option to auto backup every file just one time. Your files will be saved automatically.
  3. Share Files: It allows you to share files of any type and size to your friends and family.
  4. Easy De-Dupe: It easily identifies the duplicate contacts in your address book

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Jio4GOnline | Jio Join

JioJoin App is an old name. The new name is Jio4GOnline and it will help you to convert your non-VoLTE 4G phone to a VoLTE support for making calls audio and video calls using jio network. Jio 4G voice app download is available for android devices. It is not yet released for apple and windows phone.

Jiojoin Application
Jiojoin Application
  1. If you have a 2G/3G mobile, you can use jio service by using LYF powered JioFi device.
  2. You can call any landline or mobile number using jiojoin.
  3. Conference Call: It allows to place conference calls up to 6 people on the audio call and 4 participants on a video call.
  4. Allows you to place calls using your phone’s dial pad without opening the application.
  5. Sharing: Share files of any format like .pdf or zip. You can also share images on your call. 

Jio Money

JioMoney App is a payment solution application. It is yet another wallet like Airtel Money and others. Jio Money is not available for windows and android and iPhone.

Reliance Jiomoney Apps Review
Reliance Jiomoney Apps Review

With Jiooney Application, you can use the below options:

  1. Pay at shop
  2. Recharge or Bill pay
  3. Send and Request money
  4. Discounts and offers
  5. Access your transaction history faster.

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Jio Security

JioSecurity app helps you to protect your phone from digital threats. It is Available only for Android devices. JioSecurity for windows and iPhone may be in the queue.

Reliance Jiosecurity Drive Apps Review
Reliance Jiosecurity Drive Apps Review

With Jio Security Application, you can get the below benefits:

  1. Scan the mobile for viruses, malware or other risks.
  2. You can block unwanted SMS and calls.
  3. Delete the device from lost or stolen device.
  4. Instant phone lock on SI removal.
  5. Wipe data from your phone remotely when it is lost.

Jio News

JioNews app provides you the access to almost all the newspaper in the market. You can read it instantly even if you are offline. It is available for android tablets.

Reliance Jionews app review
Reliance Jionews app review

Other features are:

  1. Offline Reading
  2. Search within  newspaper
  3. Save newspaper
  4. Resume editing.
  5. Filter News.

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