Mobile WiFi

How to Secure Your Mobile Wi-Fi (Wireless) Network

Wireless technology has made our lives so easy that we can connect and gain internet access on our portable gadgets like mobiles, smartphones, tablet, computer (PC), and MAC. You need not connect the devices manually using a cable. When the tethering is active, your smartphone will act as a wireless router. If you are in a traditional cable broadband service, it will be very difficult to spy or hack your… Read Article →

Vonage Canada Specific Call Block Feature-min

Vonage Specific Call Block Feature: Is it Offered in Canada?

Recently contacted Vonage Canada regarding the feature to block specific calls. The overall answer was the feature is not available for Canada. But, it is available for US customers via an online account and Vonage Extensions App. The fact which I love the most is, I received a human response. They helped me with the alternative options. They did not leave me with saying only no. The alternative options suggested… Read Article →

Can I Download Vonage Extensions App for Blackberry

Can I Download Award Winning Vonage Extensions App for Blackberry?

The Award winning Vonage Extensions App is not available for Blackberry. It is available only for android and iPhone smartphones to place Vonage¬†calls. I have also discussed an alternative app called Rebtel that actually works perfectly with blackberry. It is not only BB that is ignored, the extensions phone Application by Vonage does not support any handsets other than android and iOS. The main feature of this software is to… Read Article →

How Do I Re-Entry My Gmail App

How Do I Re-Entry My Gmail App Password?

If you are using Gmail app on your android/iPhone, you will be required to re-enter your login credentials on the Gmail app every time there is an issue with validation. If your Gmail¬†app account is healthy, the app will automatically sync and update the email inbox. In few scenarios, like changing password, fraudulent account activity detection, Google will request you to validate your username and password. Let is see further… Read Article →

I Need to Delete a Group I started

I Need to Delete a Group I started Up that I Am No Longer Admin of. How do I Do This?

Dear Friend, I can completely understand your concern about deleting the WhatsApp group that you have started. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove a WhatsApp group even if you are an admin. One can not delete a whatsapp group permanently. Irrespective of you are a member or admin. The only option is to exit from the group and deleting is not an option. You can not delete the group completely… Read Article →

TV Remote Apps The Complete List

TV Remote Apps: The Complete List (2017)

In this section, we shall explore TV remote Apps. We all know that TV remote is a handy gadget that helps us to access our Television easily. But, due to several reasons, we will not be able to use the remote control. Few situations are a weak battery, lost remote, broken remote. The common solution is to approach the service center and get a new remote or compatible remote. But,… Read Article →

Follow my health app for windows phone

How Can I Use Follow My Health App for Windows Phone?

At this time, the follow my health app for windows phone is not available. The company does not have any plan to develop and release the application for windows OS smartphones. It is available for Android and iOS App. The windows phones are manufactured by Nokia and Microsoft. Amongst them, Lumia is the well-known model. However, the FMH company has decided not to develop the app for windows platform. The… Read Article →